Server Relocation for League of Angels 2: [) x/ [# t" x

. s# G* e3 `. E2 @[Duration] 6 hours from 14:00 June 16, 2017 (GMT+8)* J: Z3 F7 y" E( @% @* _

' s; O+ I$ s1 M* H[Server] All Servers
5 D1 K6 i/ n) R/ A- E5 k$ a1 k* A* t; J( z' V$ T4 T, L
Kindly remind you that during this time all login or recharge actions would not be available.) r( Y; e. |6 B+ k
There will be another announcement and compensations for all players after the relocation.' {1 B5 O0 T# ?% s
0 @) D9 w) ^3 n( ]
Thank you/ I, X& v. y3 `* i
League of Angels 2 Operation$ J/ v* \# Y$ O( Q! ~  L