First Batch of November

Event 1 Daily Recharge Return
【Duration】: 2017 November 4th 00:00—2017 November 6th 23:59(GMT+8)
【How To Do】Recharge amount reaches the level below to get gold return the next day.

Event 2 First Top-Up get 10000 Gold + 4000 vip point Return
【Duration】: 2017 November 3rd 00:00—2017 November 6th 23:59(GMT+8)
【how To Do】The initial recharge of 80 gold for a new character will be rewarded an extra 10000 gold+4000 vip point as a bonus. The reward pack will be sent immediately after the initial recharge.
【Please note】
1. Make sure the initial exchange is no less than 80 gold
2. Gold exchange must be done at one time.
3. This event only for new characters who never recharged before.
4. This event can be joined only for once.
5. Old Characters will not get reward from this event.

Event 3 Convey For 500% Bonus
【Duration】: 2017 November 3rd 00:00—2017 November 6th 23:59(GMT+8)
【How To Do】You will get five times honor and silver than usual. The bonus will be added directly.
Example, if Brass usually gets 10000 silver and 10000 honor, during the event , he can get 50000 silver and 50000 honor.

Event 4 Triple Unit and Pride!
【Duration】: 2017 November 3rd 00:00—2017 November 6th 23:59(GMT+8)
【How To Do】Unit&Pride collection will be tripled during this event.

Event 5 Four times of Flag and Stone
【Duration】: 2017 November 3rd 00:00—2017 November 6th 23:59(GMT+8)
【How To Do】
The Flags and Stones you purchased in Flag Mall will be quadruple during this event. (buy 1 get another 3)
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why the events all same one ? can event better rewards ? not good enough how about relcs and coins and gold mines ? or even silver mines ...


why the RC event cockup???

both event tabs show minimum RC amount muz be 1k gold...what happen to the RC 1k get 3k for 1st  Batch of November???



What has happening lately in HUAYU?? Does HUAYU never pay your salary?? Not once, twice, thrice for mistake keep repeating...

And Now these;

>>>Why the RC for event 6th Oct for 1k for 3k,

>>>And 1st November event for 1k for 2k,

>>>total for both should be 5k.

>>>But why only 4k?????

Please ask your IT guys to verify what has happened, is it technical clinch? If not is a very disappointment from HY, for such services provided to consumer and we paid to enjoy not suffering!!!!

Appreciated if you can rectify the mistake and make up the different which you have left out and plus compensated too.

Thank you.


Today event in game is different with this information.


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But if that's the case, then I would be sad if it comes with the pro version only
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I think new models Of mobile phones that are released after the 5G network
Should have support for all 5G applications, we will enter the actual use era
Because wait, drama will definitely happen again
Want to use all versions. Thank you.