POM Country Battle

Hi Guys,
We need your help in POM Country Battle.
Have u ever take part in country battle in POM?
How was it? it went normally?
can u sent us the battle report?
and if there is bug, can u inform us (with screenshot is better)?
Your reply will be very helpful for us.

Thank you guys

PS: we will sent extra gold as our gratitude for your help

When we click event country battle. We always getting in to the city.  En still bug at clear map vampire city.saint joan.
Then we cant degrade equipt too. Thanks. Vieri/android


me too .... bandito/android


Reply 2# hermanyap

Hi dear~
so, player can't join for country battle at all?
POM have no country battle held even once?
can u please sent us the screenshot later if you have time dear?
another bug is on progress to fix dear
many thanks for the info.

Have a nice day dear


Hi Ling,
How to show you screenshot when it’s winter now in Pom. Plus we can hardly get into the country battle screen.... when we click country battle, the interface pop up and close immediately
LordZa/Arthur iPhone


RE: POM Country Battle

Also, pls fix the degrade equipment problem .... Also cannot collect event rewards....
LordZa/Arthur iPhone
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Reply 5# ZhaBa

Hi Dear~
no worries Dear,
just wait until CB open
can declare war today at 21.00
Thanks a lot dear~

Have a nice weekend


Reply 6# ZhaBa

Yes Dear~
we are working on it
will clear some bug at next update
please kindly wait

Have a nice weekend dear~


Reply 7# Ling

    Still can't CB. En can't collect event rewards. Plis fix ASAP. Tq


Dear Ling. Why i dont get it pack 10k gold today from event? Id vieri. Tq