3rd batch of June

Event 1 Login Bonus
Duration2018 June 8th 00:00-2018 June 14st 23:59:59 (GMT+8)
How To DoLogin daily from 2018June 15th 00:00 -2018 June 21st 23:59:59 (GMT+8) to get 10 Orders daily!(Refreshes at 23:59:59)

Event2 Daily Recharge Return
Duration2018 June 8th 00:00-2018 June 14st 23:59:59 (GMT+8)
How To DoRecharge amountreaches the level below to get gold return the next day.

Event3 Special Real Time Gold Return!!!
Duration2018 June 8th 00:00-2018 June 11th 23:59:59 (GMT+8)
How To Do
Each of your Recharge allow you to get real time gold return if the gold amountis more than 400 gold. You can attend the event again and again.
Please note:
1. Every single recharge amount should be more than 400 gold to make sure youget gold return.
2. Exchange 400 gold at a time, you get the 1000 gold return reward*1immediately.
3. Exchange 4000 gold at a time, you get the 1000 gold return reward*10immediately.
4. The rewards of Recharge 480 or 4800 gold are no difference with Recharge 400or 4000 gold.

Event 4 Daily Consume for Furnance Material
Duration2018 June 8th 00:00—2018June 11th 23:59(GTM+8)
How To DoDaily consume goldreaches the amount below, will help you get the relevant reward the next day.

Event 5 Accumulated Consumption For Gold BookPiece
Duration2018 June 8th00:00—2018 June 12th 23:59(GTM+8)
How To DoDuring the event
players whoaccumulatively consume gold reaches to the amount below to get rewards afterthe event ended.

Gold Book Piece info:

Event 6 Triple Unit and Pride
Duration2018 June 8th 00:00-2018 June 11th 23:59:59 (GMT+8)
How To DoUnit&Pridecollection will be tripled during this event.

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NO, Wheel????Where  is Wheel event!!!!!
10 order for daily reward??? Fuck it!!!
give it to ur Dog!!!


cant login s42 from my pc. only s42 on my own pc. log other servers can. log s42 from others pc also can. already do many suggest from friends but still failed. trying ling's metode but cant save. anyone can help?


nice events


Great EVENT!

More such event!


Tooooooo slow!!!!!!!!!


Reply 3# shuplayer

the system log cannot be saved as per Windows default file.

HY should be the one responsible for all this lag and slow loading....and i have highlighted this many times this issue and cause of it to HY but seems they couldn't be bothered and rather keep getting free monies from all of us and doing nothing.

the upcoming updates going to make this server even worse than ever.....already not enough with the laggy issue and cheating issue...some more they're gonna do cross server west war.....and it's gonna be very fatal to the whole server...