2nd batch of Sep

Event 1 Accu Loginevent

Duration2018 Sep 4th00:00—2018 Sep 10th 23:59(GMT+8)
How To DoLoginevery day to get the pack below (total 7day)

Event 2 First Top-Up get 10000 Gold +4000 vip pointReturn

Duration2018 Sep 4th00:00—2018 Sep 7th 23:59(GMT+8)
how To DoTheinitial recharge of 80 gold for a newcharacter will be rewarded an extra 10000gold+4000 vip point as a bonus. Thereward pack will be sent immediately afterthe initial recharge.
Please note
1. Make sure the initial exchange is no lessthan 80 gold
2. Gold exchange must be done at one time.
3. This event only for new characters who neverrecharged before.
4. This event can be joined only for once.
5. Old Characters will not get reward from thisevent.

Event 3 Lucky Levy

Duration2018 Sep 4th 00:00 -2018 Sep 7th  23:59:59 (GMT+8)
How To DoThere is the chance of getting 2 times, 5  times, or 10timessilver bonus when levy. The silver bonus will add toyour  silveramount directly.

Event 4 100% Silver Bonus From Levy
Duration2018 Sep 4th 00:00—2018 Sep 7th23:59(GMT+8)
How To DoGetSilver 200% from Levy and ForceLevy during this event.

Event5 Force LevyFor Resource

Duration2018 Sep 4th 23:00 -2018 Sep 7th  22:59:59 (GMT+8)
How To DoForce Levy reaches the “Gold Use” level  below will help yougetextra bonus. Details please see the following chart.  The chancewillbe calculate from 23:00 to 22:59:59 the next day.

  Ps:This event is based on your gold consumption.
  Please check your event level in the game.

Event 6 Four timesof Flag and Stone

Duration2018 Sep 4th 00:00—2018 Sep 7th 23:59(GMT+8)
How To Do
The Flags and Stones you purchased in Flag Mallwill be quadruple during thisevent. (buy 1 get another 3)

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