Quality/Dev(develop)/Title Guide

Titles add HP to your hero. Develop system unlocks at level 70. You can start to get quality in your cultivation system once you reach level 70. Before that you will only get cultivation.
for more info on cultivating, please refer to this 6 skills guide: http://en.huayugame.com/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=6017&extra=page%3D3

How to Develop

When you have enough quality you can click the develop button right under your hero. Developing your hero increases their hp. Currently, this system is also implanted into the IOS and android version so you can do it from your phone too!

How much quality is needed?
Titles are divided into different colors. (from lowest to highest listed right under)
Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Red
For develop, upgrading from level 2 to 3 will cost the same.
The list bellow shows quality needed to upgrade to that level. The hero must also meet the requirement.

Level requirement: 70
Nothing to Apprentice 1: 0 quality, it is free!
Apprentice 2&3: 3
Disciple 1: 4
Disciple 2&3: 7
Friar 1: 7
Friar 2&3: 10

Level requirement: 80
Tutor 1: 9
Tutor 2&3: 26
Specialist 1: 18
Specialist 2&3: 39
Sage 1: 27
Sage 2&3: 52

Level requirement: 90
Leader 1: 36
Leader 2&3: 65
Professor 1: 45
Professor 2&3: 78
Expert 1: 54
Expert 2&3: 91

Level requirement: 100
Master 1: 63
Master 2&3: 104
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RE: Quality/Dev(develop)/Title Guide

need some extra info about some of them. Please share.


The values for the 1st are

The last 2 should be 54,63 given the pattern.


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thanks, thats what I thought too but I just needed confirmation.


OK... nice this is a great information for us.


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    dear death bringer, i think u should give more ways to all player to get quality so easy, do u know when our lv reach 80++ of course we need HP also then its about quality, n we only can get quality from 6skills n pray . I hope Huayu can give solution for that n give more ways to get quality so easy .
this is not the best inform !!! thx


quality very hard to get but we need alot


expert1 alrdy wow hard to become master i need months