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Subject: Version Update 1. 17. 12. 5 [Print this page]

Author: Brass    Time: 2017-7-4 19:40     Subject: Version Update 1. 17. 12. 5

Version Update 1. 17. 12. 5

Update Time: 2017-07-05, 9:00-12:00 am (GMT+8)
Servers: All Servers

1. Glory of God
a) Final kill function cancelled(no extra rewarded)

2. Gold Mine
a) Gold production+10

3. Hero
a. Adjust Hero Xu Chu God Hero Skill(he’s too strong before)
b) Add "Click to Maximize", costs gold and honor.

4. Chat
a) Players under Lv.60 can't send messages in any chat room

5. Pack
a) Pack quick jump available, player can jump to the first or last page with it.

6. Stages
a) New battle stages!
i. Flood Army
1. Unlock: clear stage Against Wei
2. Reward: Random Bonus
ii. Outwit
1. unlock: clear stage Flood Army
2. Reward: Random Bonus
iii. Duan Gu Battle
1. unlock: clear stage Outwit
2. Reward: Random Bonus
iv. Bandit Chaos
1. Unlock:defeat the 6th NPC in stage Against Wei
2. Reward: Random Bonus
v. Suppress Bandit
1. Unlock: defeat the 6th NPC in stage Flood Army
2. Reward:Random Bonus
b) Lower Difficulty
i. Lost in Yuzhong
ii. Against Wei

7. Random Pack
a)Battle Random Bonus
b)Randomly get DEF Gem Lv1,DEF Gem Lv2,DEF Gem Lv3,DEF Gem Lv4,DEF Gem Lv5,DEF Gem Lv6,ATK Gem Lv1,ATK Gem Lv2,ATK Gem Lv3,ATK Gem Lv4,ATK Gem Lv5,ATK Gem Lv6,TCD Gem Lv1,TCD Gem Lv2,TCD Gem Lv3,TCD Gem Lv4,TCD Gem Lv5,TCD Gem Lv6,TCA Gem Lv1,TCA Gem Lv2,TCA Gem Lv3,TCA Gem Lv4,TCA Gem Lv5,TCA Gem Lv6,STD Gem Lv1,STD Gem Lv2,STD Gem Lv3,STD Gem Lv4,STD Gem Lv5,STD Gem Lv6,STA Gem Lv1,STA Gem Lv2,STA Gem Lv3,STA Gem Lv4,STA Gem Lv5,STA Gem Lv6,Abs ATK Gem Lv1,Abs ATK Gem Lv2,Abs DEF Gem Lv1,Abs DEF Gem Lv2,Virid Dragon Flag Lv1,Virid Dragon Flag Lv2,Virid Dragon Flag Lv3,Virid Dragon Flag Lv4,Virid Dragon Flag Lv5,Virid Dragon Flag Lv6,Rosefinch Flag Lv1,Rosefinch Banner Lv1.

a) Introducing the brand new system—Warhorse! Player can get their horse after taming. Horses have several qualities.They give heroes extra attributes . Divine horse has extra skill, horses can be equipped by hero or refined to beast soul. Beast soul can be equipped to horse and provide additional attributes.





Author: tidus07    Time: 2017-7-4 19:50

Reply 1# Brass

Author: ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔFranz    Time: 2017-7-4 19:51

Reply 1# Brass


Author: tidus07    Time: 2017-7-4 19:52

Reply 3# ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔFranz

and this too...

1. Glory of God
a) Final kill function cancelled(no extra rewarded)
Author: ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔFranz    Time: 2017-7-4 19:57

Reply 4# tidus07 ... 6945&highlight=

I post the chinese update before brass except the horse one, lol
Author: tidus07    Time: 2017-7-4 20:00

Reply 5# ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔFranz

Horse i also give you, but you never post
Author: angelredfire77@    Time: 2017-7-4 20:05

yay horsy!!!
Author: ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔFranz    Time: 2017-7-4 20:51

Reply 6# tidus07

    because got no time to do it... some life events hehe
Author: ZhaoYun89    Time: 2017-7-4 21:40

GOG no more last kill haha, all about spamming gold now.

GXC mainly only 2x 3x, 4x is low n 5x 6x are history lol
Author: shite    Time: 2017-7-4 21:47

Reply 1# Brass

Fuck you huayu...

You said god xuncu very strong....
Bullshittttttttttt...Did you know our xuchu only can hit 300 in story guandu map...

Bullshit and fuck your own asshole huayu..Who are your stupid n idiot manager

Dont regret if afterthis many ppl will quit because your stupidness...
Author: ZhaoYun89    Time: 2017-7-4 21:56

Reply 10# shite

    Relax, these are updates from china COTK, our english version is operating as franchise. Why bother complaining? Because nothing we suggested will ever reach china lol
Author: tidus07    Time: 2017-7-4 21:59

Reply 11# ZhaoYun89

But then, there are some things which HY COTK can do on their end. For example, they can put back gold token and kit into soul shop, give better endless rewards or better login rewards. They refused to do all these despite repeatedly suggested.
Author: shite    Time: 2017-7-4 22:03

Reply 11# ZhaoYun89

    I oledi long time not fuck huayu in forum....i tot huayu become more clever... but look like become more stupid n idiot...did they know how many svip already quit because bored and idiot huayu not listen to our request...

if u want know all huayu staff is lazy ...did u know many gm name in forum already not gm anymore but their name still there...include my many time i ask them to remove my name but its still there

ABOON   ......
Author: s80    Time: 2017-7-4 22:05

i more interested in taming crocodile
Author: ZhaoYun89    Time: 2017-7-4 22:19

Reply 12# tidus07

That's my point!
Author: ZhaoYun89    Time: 2017-7-4 22:26

Reply 13# shite

I know bro, this has turn out to be pvp game = how much u rc.

I like this game because group of ppl are doing things together happily n chatting happily. Now ppl just login do daily n logout or many will login dozen accs to do lfb or cb lol. Many see no future and left. More will do likewise leaving those hardcore in s22 s42 s61 to protect their country (aka investment).
Author: LordAM    Time: 2017-7-4 22:29

What will happen to God Xu Chu? How weak can he become?
Author: shite    Time: 2017-7-4 22:30

Reply 16# ZhaoYun89

    me  rc lrss than 5k permonth now... game become bored n bored... when got new update mean huayu want suck our money more n more...

now i play just for friendship but maybe will quit with no return soon
Author: tidus07    Time: 2017-7-4 23:21

In short, 2 words to describe HY: lazy and greedy.

1) The error in the login page has been there for ages but HY cannot be bothered to fix it.
2) The events are all so repetitive aka copy and paste. I believe Franz has given many idea on new events.
3) It kills HY to post information of new events early. They can only post it 6-7pm before the day of the event. Is it so difficult to post the information like 2 days earlier, after all the events are repetitive (point 2)?
4) Is it so difficult for HY to inform us about your *planned* maintenance. Most of the time, HY only inform us at most 3 hours in advanced.
5) It will take months for HY to update their mobile version after they update their game. I don't know how long will HY take to update the mobile version. Currently the new updates are still not in the mobile version.

Why remove gold token and gold kit from the soul shop? So that people RC more to get it from the accumulated RC event?
Author: TerraSlayer    Time: 2017-7-4 23:27


So from the picture, it uses Jade coins, and not gold? Is that correct?
Author: TerraSlayer    Time: 2017-7-4 23:32

Never mind. Huayu fuckers. I log In S90 to check and it's gold cost, not coins cost. They post wrong info here, all the time!
Author: tidus07    Time: 2017-7-4 23:33

Reply 20# TerraSlayer

It uses gold. You can login your account in s90, if you have it, to try.
Author: shite    Time: 2017-7-4 23:42

Reply 20# TerraSlayer

This another greedy huayu....

u imagine how much gold n honor u need to max each atrr...If u are l320 mean your atrr max 340

= 340 x 60g =20400g (each atrr) ...If want max IN, BV n LD u can count yourself)

they stupid thing is even your hero now oledi have +300 (for example) ,,,, u still need 20400 g to max ....Its mean what???????? Dammm asshole huayu always cheat us
Author: tidus07    Time: 2017-7-4 23:43

Reply 23# shite

You only need 40*60=2400 gold, not the whole 20k gold.
Author: shite    Time: 2017-7-4 23:43

Reply 24# tidus07

    no bro i just try my clone in s90
Author: tidus07    Time: 2017-7-4 23:44

Reply 25# shite

Then is super bug lol.
The China version you only need to spend the difference.
Author: shite    Time: 2017-7-4 23:47

Reply 26# tidus07

    i try check in my acc in main server tomorrow
Author: tidus07    Time: 2017-7-4 23:48

Reply 27# shite

It decreases, I just checked it. Check your whatsapp.
Author: Windmill    Time: 2017-7-5 09:06

Version Update 1. 17. 12. 5

Update Time: 2017-07-05, 9:00-12:00 am (GMT+8)
Servers: All Servers

1 ...
Brass Post at 2017-7-4 19:40

Server going down from 9am in the morning until 12am midnight?
Author: TerraSlayer    Time: 2017-7-5 09:14

WOW! Way to go! So short notice! And during endless fighting too! WTF!!!

I hope we get a good pack for this new version!!!!
Author: tidus07    Time: 2017-7-5 11:06

Reply 29# Windmill

i think it is 9am to 12 noon... 12 noon is infamous for being written as 12am...
Author: ErvinJoseph    Time: 2017-7-5 12:45

Where is war horse? It is gone.
Author: Bradley    Time: 2017-7-5 12:48

Author: Juminten    Time: 2017-7-5 13:30

please give explanation about warhorse!

cant find it.
is it some sort an event like artifact mall?
Author: weile009    Time: 2017-7-5 13:33

Where war horse located ..?
Author: Doyanmeki    Time: 2017-7-5 14:09

put sun quan and lin tong in soul shop...thats what I call
Author: ZhaoYun89    Time: 2017-7-5 14:15

s22 s42 s61 login page had been upgraded.

s86 s90 s100 s101 login page still old one. No wonder the new building not accessible.

Stupid updates!!!
Author: WussKing    Time: 2017-7-5 15:04

With new update, wheel package cant collect?? Why

Everything fucking bugg, they never give correct instruktion for new thing.
Author: Bradley    Time: 2017-7-5 15:30

Reply 20# TerraSlayer dang... use 60G / reset... fuckkkk HY
Author: ~Ash~    Time: 2017-7-5 17:50

Reply 36# Doyanmeki

I doubt they will put them, if they put it, then there's already a stronger hero to replace them, SXHY and SPD still not available in soul shop and they come first.

SLT and SSQ are now for VIP users who spend a lot, putting it to soul shop will be a slap to players who spend $$$$ and making them frustrated

What is the use of a premium item which everyone can get? is it still a premium?
Author: Doyanmeki    Time: 2017-7-5 22:08

Reply  Doyanmeki

I doubt they will put them, if they put it, then there's already a stronger hero ...
~Ash~ Post at 2017-7-5 17:50

most of vip top spender play full sta. with the freebies of gold book from hy now most ppl play full sta also.  they care less abt heroes like sq and lt. what i am proposing here is a balance of sta tca and com. most of heroes in soul shop is com and sta which doesnt need inspirer. tca player need a good inspirer....ssx and oi are so outdated...and tca heroes that can revive is only one which is lt.
Author: Dawggie    Time: 2017-7-6 00:47

Reply 1# Brass

1. Glory of God
a) Final kill function cancelled(no extra rewarded)

Good....SOMEONE'S NOT HAPPY that the last kill got removed...LOL

thought SOMEONE already made a vow NOT to join in the forum anymore

Author: gs    Time: 2017-7-6 02:01

i have alot of package not yet open, try to open it and popup "gift expired"
Author: ZhaoYun89    Time: 2017-7-6 06:40

Reply 42# Dawggie

    Many ppl told n I agree u not worth the time. Freedom of speech is not limited to u only. Yes I can we many clones n free gold from hy to help me get last kill reward. I see no problem with it because many also use free gold to achieve their gog ranks Ng. Lastly dun feel lousy just because u cannot reach ur target n blame others for it. All my clones never even half way of TOP 500 gog points. Whatever u choose to believe. I already give up since my Friend left this game one by one. Dun bother about me!
Author: shuwon    Time: 2017-7-6 07:33

Reply 1# Brass

brasshole, before you downgrade XuChu Damage you should upgrade Xuchu Defend, use your brain lilbit la brass, yay u like donkey,yay move when ppl say move !!!!!! you stupid asshole brass !!!
Author: shuwon    Time: 2017-7-6 07:43

Reply 1# Brass

do you get eat today Brass???, yay ur brain need some nutrition !!!!

come breath brass, come breath... yay ur brain need some oxygen to thinking !!!
Author: Fake    Time: 2017-7-6 09:24

Reply 44# ZhaoYun89

    many time no see!!! fantastic speaking! fucking HY disgrace to the player.
Bro ignore the cats barking in the street, sun set the jealous hater.

if HY listen to you word. making big money
Author: Fake    Time: 2017-7-6 11:53

Reply 1# Brass

    is new hero pack new update? Cao Zhi god to be in hero pack?
Author: weile009    Time: 2017-7-6 12:45

Time to place ABS Heros to Soul Shop ... Thanks
Author: Doyanmeki    Time: 2017-7-6 17:00

Reply  Brass

1. Glory of God
a) Final kill function cancelled(no extra rewarded)

Good....SOMEONE' ...
Dawggie Post at 2017-7-6 00:47

you happy because of no rewards for last kill ? are you HY spy ?

True players wants more dawggie are just troll not player....pls get the hell out of this forum...
Author: MacTAKA    Time: 2017-7-7 08:16

Reply 50# Doyanmeki

    What happened to freedom of speech? LOLz...
Author: TerraSlayer    Time: 2017-7-7 11:03

They just following China version. In China server many players use bot to kill GOG. So the last kill was taken out to avoid that. So they follow and do that update here too. Oh well...
Author: Bradley    Time: 2017-7-7 11:06

PooR Xu Chu
Author: ZhaoYun89    Time: 2017-7-7 18:04

Reply 51# MacTAKA

Bro u just spoke into a mirror with your statement! Dun bother my friend n me. regards
Author: Fake    Time: 2017-7-12 09:34

Reply 54# ZhaoYun89



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