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Subject: Gold Return For February Recharge [Print this page]

Author: Brass    Time: 2018-1-31 18:29     Subject: Gold Return For February Recharge

Event 1 Consecutively Login Event
【Duration】2018 February  1st 00:00—2018 February 28th 23:59(GMT+8)
【How To Do】Login consecutively meet the requirement will help you get reward.

Event 2 Recharge For Gold Return and Flags
【Duration】2018 February  1st 00:00—2018 February 28th 23:59(GMT+8)
【Details】Accumulated gold recharge reaches the amount below to get gold return on March, 1st.

The lv 4&5 flag pack contains(Choose one from):
Dragon Banner
Black Dragon Banner
Black Dragon Flag
Red Dragon Banner
Red Dragon Flag
Iron Dragon Banner
Iron Dragon Flag
Cloud Banner
Cloud Flag
Fire Dragon Flag
White Dragon Flag
Red Tiger Flag
【Please Note】
1. Web Android and IOS recharge are included in this event.
2. Dear players, it is important to check your whole month’ recharge in time.
Author: topthreat    Time: 2018-2-1 09:35

Tell US

who merge who?
How much gold compensate!

Wait yours reply before RECHARGE
Author: Surachet    Time: 2019-9-3 23:21

According to the table seen above
I think that the giveaways are very interesting.
If there are many giveaways I think people will play a lot.
Want to have this always
Looks attractive to play more
Thanks to the team very much.
Want to play
Please go play.
Thank you
Author: heian    Time: 2019-12-6 11:54

Author: 23    Time: 2020-4-11 14:27

so good

Author: 49ea57df6c9492c    Time: 2020-4-30 10:41


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