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Subject: Second trial POM Suggestion & BUG box [Print this page]

Author: Ling    Time: 2018-2-8 11:48     Subject: Second trial POM Suggestion & BUG box

Hi Guys
as same as the previous one, you can put your suggestion of POM Here.
Please dont forget to input:
1. Your Char id
2. Time of occurrence
3. Device
4. Bug info
5. ScreenShot (optional, but it would help us a lot if player CC the Screenshot of matters´╝ë

For Example:
Ling/2018-3-1/Android/Can't collect silver

Really easy right?
Thank you all for the help
Author: TerraSlayer    Time: 2018-2-9 01:20

Android Phone

Here's a bug in the TUTORIAL. I lost the battle with Miriam. Now it needs me to conquer, but I can't click conquer because I lost the battle not won it.

Author: TerraSlayer    Time: 2018-2-9 01:52

I restarted the game, but still stuck.


Still can't conquer. So am permanently stuck in Tutorial.
Author: TerraSlayer    Time: 2018-2-9 05:56

So I started up a new game, and I encounter a different bug. I fight Marian and win the battle, but unfortunate my game crash. When I load the game, the tutorial ask me to fight her again, but I already beated her, and can't click attack or conquer. so stuck AGAIN!

Author: Ling    Time: 2018-2-9 17:10

Hi dear~
we just check Wumina and EricKeaton acc and we doesnt find the problem that you have said
Please check again dear, is it ok now?

Have a nice day dear
Author: TerraSlayer    Time: 2018-2-10 02:25

Different problem now. You guys put Marian in my team, but the tutorial still asks me to conquer it. and the conquer button is empty. so still can't continue!

[attach]15421[/attach] [attach]15423[/attach]
Author: TerraSlayer    Time: 2018-2-10 03:34

My other account is also still bugged. Someone of your engineers completed the whole map, but the tutorial is still there and asks me to attack Miriam, but I can't click attack because elite is 0.

[attach]15425[/attach] [attach]15427[/attach] [attach]15429[/attach]
Author: Ling    Time: 2018-2-12 20:39

Reply 7# TerraSlayer

Hi Dear~
I have login to your id, and find the problem that you have inform us earlier.
And there're couple question i need to ask:
1, Have you delete 3war file in your device before applying the current version in your android? if not, can u please delete the file and install the game once again?
2, Do you logout when the tutorial doesnt end?

for id Wumina, i have skip the tutorial and now it supposed to be normal now, but for id Eric, i will info to developer after CNY holiday ends and ask them to check later.
Thank you for letting us know the problem dear~ I've already sent a gratitude pack to Wumina acc. please check it out

Have a nice day dear
Author: TerraSlayer    Time: 2018-2-13 04:29


I tried uninstall and reinstall the game. I tried delete that 3war file. I tried clear the system cache. Still the tutorial is stuck on that account. My main account Wumina already fixed. The other one still bugged.

By the way, will we be able to keep the feedback package once close beta end? Or will we get any compensation pack once the game officially open?
Author: TerraSlayer    Time: 2018-2-13 04:32

Also, this bug can be recreated again by either lose to Marian on tutorial fight, or close the game during the fight before the win screen. After that the game proceed with tutorial but it gets stuck because you can't conquer or attack again.
Author: toyota    Time: 2018-2-13 09:19

Reply 8# Ling


ID : Wumina

Author: power    Time: 2018-2-26 17:48

Reply 1# Ling

    Luke/2018-02-26/iOS/Enhanced rate didn't refresh
    Luke/2018-02-26/iOS/Event ranking very late refresh
    Luke/2018-02-26/iOS/Convey Food, the List didn't show like the cart on the display
    Luke/2018-02-26/iOS/Cannot delete mail, and the mail seems didn't refresh correctly
Author: ZhaBa    Time: 2018-3-1 22:32

1. Your Char id            : LordZa
2. Time of occurrence  : today 1 Mar 2018
3. Device                    : iPhone
4. Bug info                  : Base screeen is blank and we cannot click on any buildings
Author: Ling    Time: 2018-3-2 19:32

Reply 13# ZhaBa

Hi Dear,
The problem fixed now, please re-login.
if there're still a problem, please re-download the app.
Thank you dear for the info

Have a nice weekend
Author: ZhaBa    Time: 2018-3-6 20:41

Hi, you asked to feedback about Country Battle and this and that, which I did but no pack given????
Author: zul    Time: 2018-3-7 17:39

MOD pls check LOA2 server is down.

Content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate.
Author: Aladex    Time: 2018-3-13 19:08

Reply 1# Ling
Author: Aladex    Time: 2018-3-13 19:12

aladex,Alfatih,Darius,Aldex/2018-3-11/androit/can't login
Author: Aladex    Time: 2018-3-13 19:14

Reply 1# Ling
Author: Aladex    Time: 2018-3-13 19:24

aladex,Alfatih,Darius,Aldex/2018-03-11/androit/can't login after transport
Author: Ling    Time: 2018-3-14 10:34

Reply 20# Aladex

Hi Dear,
Can u tell us or screenshot what happening after login?
Thank you very much for the help dear
Author: Aladex    Time: 2018-3-14 11:38

Reply 21# Ling
Author: Aladex    Time: 2018-3-14 11:41

  1. [img][img][b][b][url][quote][/quote][/url][/b][/b][/img][/img]
Copy Code
[/img][/img]Reply 21# Ling
Author: Aladex    Time: 2018-3-14 11:58

Nothing else after login because can't login again since 2018-03-11
Author: Ling    Time: 2018-3-14 12:18

Dear, I can't see your image
but i just log in into your acc and its success
are you forget the password dear?
or can u tell me what notifications tell when login? is that any notification or just blank/stuck?

Thank you dear
Author: Aladex    Time: 2018-3-14 12:53

Nothing notification just looding and looding
Author: Aladex    Time: 2018-3-14 13:17

If login from test chinese server success but different in my acc in global test server
Author: Ling    Time: 2018-3-14 16:05

seems like u've install the wrong bag that we released wrongly couple days ago, sorry
please delete the app and download once again from the google play,
and please delete the 3war files before download the new one.
if it doesn't work please inform me again dear,
if it works, info me also dear, will give u a pack

Have a nice day dear
Author: Aphrodit    Time: 2018-3-14 19:58

haha funy
Author: GodHera    Time: 2018-3-14 20:17

peace kk dex
Author: Aladex    Time: 2018-3-14 20:22

Still can't login

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