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Subject: For player that have login issue, must read! [Print this page]

Author: Ling    Time: 2018-4-28 19:21     Subject: For player that have login issue, must read!

Dear player,

We are very sorry for the login issue lately TT.TT
due to we just transferred our platform to a new server, and it needs time to sync those new server ip's for some internet provider, it has caused some login issue to some of you guys TT.TT

to solve the login issue that bothered us lately, player can bind our new platform host.
Here is the guide to bind host:

1. Click start button at your computer and paste this link
such as below.
and then click enter

2. Double click "host" and open it by notepad.

3. Paste these links to the buttom of your notepad:
the final look will looks like this:

4. Close your notepad and dont forget to "Save".
Then you can login normally again

Please try and good luck!

Have a nice weekend all.
Author: ErvinJoseph    Time: 2018-4-28 19:29

Reply 1# Ling

    Ling, If some player are using Puffin Browser on Android? where can I put it?
Author: Ling    Time: 2018-4-28 19:32

Reply 2# ErvinJoseph

Hi dear,
Android didnt have login issue atm.
above is only for web player dear
Author: Oon    Time: 2018-4-28 19:35

Reply 1# Ling

    how about players using iOS or MAC?
Author: AHBU    Time: 2018-4-28 22:26

what a crap, need player to change their pc setting to sync with your server? you trying to get their personal data more like it
Author: Ling    Time: 2018-4-28 23:43

Reply 4# Oon

Hi Dear~
player for ios doesn't have login issue as well.
for macbook, you can try these step to bind host:
1. open your finder

2. press Shift+Command+G, then input: /etc/hosts

3. find host folder and double click.

4. copy the ip below and paste to your host. (can see point number 3 above, its the same with windows one.)

5. close and save and you're done
Author: diao    Time: 2018-4-29 18:04

Halah memek teu ngaruh
Author: ~Meow~    Time: 2018-4-29 20:56

Reply 1# Ling

cannot be saved
Author: Aidan    Time: 2018-4-30 15:03

can i have the link for android download apk? cos now my android all unable to login after click login after turn turn few min back to login screen again.
Author: Diablooo    Time: 2018-4-30 16:17

I did follow your manual, but still was not login. " your acc or password error"
Author: Xyn    Time: 2018-5-13 12:54

same issue as Diabloooo
Author: Nikki63    Time: 2018-5-14 13:44

Reply 6# Ling

Author: sunur    Time: 2018-5-14 22:40

Reply 11# Xyn

    can login now?
my friend have same problem too. can share how u fix it?
Author: Brass    Time: 2018-5-15 10:49

Hi Dear~
can you inform us your char id and server?

Thank You

Have a nice day
Author: Xyn    Time: 2018-5-20 01:03

Hi Brass
Id : z3romusics
S: 1
Char: xyn

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