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Subject: 2rd batch of Feb [Print this page]

Author: Ling    Time: 2019-2-11 19:48     Subject: 2rd batch of Feb

Event 1  NewVersion Consume Lucky Wheel
Consume Duration: 2019 Feb 12rd 14:00—2019 Feb 18th  14:00 (GMT+8)
Wheel Active at: 2019 Feb 12rd 14:00—2019 Feb 18th  18:00 (GMT+8)

Note1gold consume = 1 wheel point (Wheel Points can be used to spin the luckywheel,point needed to once.
Spin one time can get 1 index, index can be used to change index rewardin“Wheel Exchange” interface.
PSPleasebe careful:
Myth Flag pack include:
Dragon Banner, Black Dragon Banner, Black Dragon Flag, Red Dragon Banner,RedDragon Flag, Iron Dragon Banner, Iron Dragon Flag, Cloud Flag , FireDragonFlag, Steel Dragon Flag, White Tiger Flag, Red Tiger Flag.
Luxury Flag Pack include:
Black Dragon Banner, Black Dragon Flag, Red Dragon Banner, Red Dragon Flag,IronDragon Banner, Iron Dragon Flag, Cloud Flag, Fire Dragon Flag, RosefinchFlag,Rosefinch Banner.

Event 2AccumulatedRecharge
Duration2019Feb 15th 00:00—2019 Feb 18th  23:59(GMT+8)


1.abs gemabsflagFurnacePackThree gift packs, each gift pack can only choose onereward
FurnacePack LV1FirePeart*3,Sky Silk*3,Dragon Peart*3

Furnace Pack LV2Fire Peart*5,Sky Silk*5,DragonPeart*5

Furnace Pack LV3Fire Peart*10,Sky Silk*10,DragonPeart*10

Furnace Pack LV4Fire Peart*25,Sky Silk*25,DragonPeart*25

Furnace Pack LV5Fire Peart*40,Sky Silk*40,DragonPeart*40

Furnace Pack LV6Fire Peart*80,Sky Silk*80,DragonPeart*80

Furnace Pack LV7Fire Peart*100,Sky Silk*100,DragonPeart*100

Furnace Pack LV8Fire Peart*125,Sky Silk*125,DragonPeart*125

Furnace Pack LV9Fire Peart*200,Sky Silk*200,DragonPeart*200

Furnace Pack LV10Fire Peart*300,Sky Silk*300,DragonPeart*300

Event 3 Lucky Levy

Duration2019 Feb 12rd 00:00 -2019 Feb 14th  23:59:59 (GMT+8)
How To DoThere is the chance of getting 2 times, 5  times, or 10timessilver bonus when levy. The silver bonus will add to your  silveramountdirectly.

Event 4 100% Silver Bonus From Levy
Duration2019 Feb 12rd 00:00—2019 Feb 14th23:59(GMT+8)
How To DoGetSilver 200% from Levy and ForceLevy during this event.

Event5 Force LevyFor Resource

Duration2019 Feb 12rd 23:00 -2019 Feb 14th  22:59:59 (GMT+8)
How To DoForce Levy reaches the “Gold Use” level  below will help yougetextra bonus. Details please see the following chart.  The chancewillbe calculate from 23:00 to 22:59:59 the next day.

  Ps:This event is based on your gold consumption.
  Please check your event level in the game.

Event6 Convey For 500% Bonus

Duration2019 Feb 12rd 00:00 -2019 Feb 14th  23:59:59 (GMT+8)
How To DoYou will get five times honor and silver  than usual. Thebonuswill be added directly.
  Example, if Brass usually gets 10000 silver and 10000 honor,duringthe event  , he can get 50000 silver and 50000 honor

Event 7 Endless Fight

Duration2019 Feb 12rd11:00 -2019 Feb 18th 10:59(GMT+8)
DetailsAccumulativelyConsume Orders help you getEndless Fight Package.

How To DoPackagewill be sent automatically by systemwhen you meet the consumption requirement.

Package for s1-s102
Consumption of 2 Orders--Reward of 20k Silver
Consumption of 5 Orders--Reward of 100k Honor
Consumption of 10 Orders--Reward of 5 orders

Consumption of 15 Orders--Reward of 100 jadecoin
Consumption of 25 Orders--Reward of 100 scolls
Consumption of 40 Orders--Reward of 800 pride
Consumption of 50 Orders--Reward of 50 relic
Consumption of 60 Orders--Reward of Random GemLv4*1
Please Note
1.Orders consumed from 11:00am to next day's10:59am will be countedaccumulatively. At 11:00am the amount of the ordersconsumed will be reset tozero.
2.The following 5 kinds of Orders freely-sent bygame are not valid for thisevent.

Author: SB    Time: 2019-2-11 22:17

Pls read your emails...............we players have been sending so many emails to Customer Service....not a single reply.....
1) You havent given us our ABS Flags from Glory of God top5 winner event.

2) Cannot login via FACEBOOK to COTK anymore!

Author: flags    Time: 2019-2-18 23:24

For facebook account. To lock in.
Open facebook and click the COTK in the shortcut.
Then open new tab and go to the following link
Author: Mercer73    Time: 2019-2-18 23:48

Reply 3# flags

   still cannot log in via facebook
Author: veru    Time: 2019-2-20 11:54

I can't recharge with PAYPAL.

Let me recharge it with PAYPAL.
Author: garager    Time: 2019-8-5 18:14

To find items in this table is very difficult.
The higher the level I don't want to think about it.
Take it gradually.
Difficult things may be easier.
Have played for a while Want to make it better

Also, I'm looking for a friend to play with.
Now lonely, playing alone
Not much friends
Want to be like playing in groups.
This is very good.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity.
Author: rsk123    Time: 2019-8-6 01:35

seo สายเทา

I miss you all day all night and all the times.
Author: 23    Time: 2020-2-24 15:26

good >>

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