The Third Anniversary Warm-up Event

Event 1 every day log for red book piece
【Duration】: 2014 Sep 26th 00:00 -2014 Sep 30th 23:59:59 (GMT+8)
【how to do it】dear players, during the event, if you log game every day, you can get Map of Shu Piece*1. You can totally get 5 pieces .You will get each piece at the day which you log.
【Please Note】dear player, if you forget to log one time in a single day. You will miss one piece Map of Shu .In this case, huayu will not make up for you. Please understand. Thanks

Event 2 daily recharge for recast book
【Duration】: 2014 Sep 26th 00:00 -2014 Sep 30th 23:59:59 (GMT+8)
【how to do it】during the event, players daily accumulative recharge reach 1000 gold or more than 1000 gold, he or she will get a package which contains recast book*1,30 relic

Event 3 Challenge request open
【Duration】2014 Sep 26th 00:00 -2014 Sep 30th 23:59:59 (GMT+8)
【How to do it】Click the button of “Quest” and choose “Challenge”

1. After finishing quests, you can get Flag, synthesis Stone and Equipments as reward.
2. The higher quest star is, the bigger chance to get higher level flag and Synthesis Stone, among which the best you can get are Lv 3 flags and stones.
3. Reward will be picked random from the list of reward equipments of the star besides the flags.
4. Please check in the game for more details after event starts.
5. Gold and Red equipments reward of the list is Gold Piece and Red Piece.
6. Event will end on Sep 30th23:59, seize the opportunity! Challenge Quest will be closed after the event is over.

Event 4 battle for 100% honor bonus
【Duration】: 2014  Sep 26th 00:00—2014  Sep 30th23:59(GMT+8)
【how to do it】during the event ,Players go on battle will get 100% honor bonus. The bonus will be added in players’ account directly by system

Event 5 Endless fighting
【Duration】2014 Sep 26th 11:00-2014 Sep 30th 10:59GMT+8)
【How to do it】
【Details】During the event, players will get rewards if they accumulatively consume 2/5/10/15/25/40/50/60 Orders.
【How to collect rewards】Packages will be auto-sent once players consume orders to certain amounts. Players can collect rewards by clicking the button of "package" in the upper left of the game.
【What The Package contains for s1-s84】
Consumption of 2 Orders--Reward of 20k Silver
Consumption of 5 Orders--Reward of 30k Honor
Consumption of 10 Orders--Reward of 100 Speedup Orders
Consumption of 15 Orders--Reward of 400k Silver
Consumption of 25 Orders--Reward of 200k Honor
Consumption of 40 Orders--Reward of 5 Orders
Consumption of 50 Orders--Reward of 100 Jade Coin
Consumption of 60 Orders--Reward of 80 Relic

Event 6  accumulative consume for book piece
【Duration】: 2014 Sep 26th 00:00 -2014 Sep 30th 23:59:59 (GMT+8)
【Servers】: S1-S84
【how to do it】during the event , players accumulative consume gold reach the class, will  get the relevant reward on Oct 1
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hmmm.... warm up event..... we want gold horse..... gold book even better

TOP's only warm up huh?
final anniversary should drop 1 set gold book or gold pony lol
nice event btw.

btw again now on red book will become garbage like red pony lol


lol....u think HY so nice to us will give us a free 1mil gold pcs golden brocade book?!?!


Believing HY will give u gold book for free will be like believing God of Glory are all real life active player.


Too many free red books..

Give Gold Armor pc!


tiger armor can be hunted.... give jade kylin full set!!


Reply 7# Jan

    i spend 150 orders only get 2 piece tiger armour... lousy acct I got..


Sigh warm up


full set gold horse for 1 month login please