【Dragonica】A wonderful weekend activities~ ~

Event 1.More Exciting Single Recharge Event
Duration:Oct.10th,2014-Oct.12th, 2014 (GMT+8)
Details:Recharge in a single time to the required
amount to get more exciting reward than before. No chance limit!Size the opportunity!
2014-10-9 17:50

Event 2.Upgrade Treasure
Duration:Oct.10th,2014-Oct.12th, 2014 (GMT+8)
Requirement: Recharge to the required amount in total to get reward.
2014-10-9 17:51

Event 3 Visit sages and get super spirit
Duration: Oct.10th,2014-Oct.12th, 2014 (GMT+8)
Server: S1-S23
Reward: Consume Gold to the required amount when visiting sages to get Super Spirit.
2014-10-9 17:52

Event 4.Discounted pet fostering
Duration: Oct.10th,2014-Oct.12th, 2014 (GMT+8)
Server: S1-S23
Reward: During the event, the players with pet of Polar Wolf or better can enjoy 42% discount in fostering by Gold

Event 5.Collect Cards
Duration:Oct.10th,2014-Oct.12th, 2014 (GMT+8)
Server: S1-S23
During the event, Secret Kits and Colorful Kits will be open to players. By using the kits, you will get Secret Cards, Colorful Cards, Luck Chests, Train Pills, Super Spirit, etc. Also you may get Secret Cards or Colorful Cards by defeating enemies in stages; with these cards, you may get 1 Hero Card.
1.With a group of Hero Cards, you can exchange for reward.
2.When you collect reward, one of all cards from each series will be cost. The remaining cards can be sold to get silver.
Who can join this event: Players of Lv70 and above are qualified. Click Collection Rw to enter the event interface, and then you will find buttons of Buy Kits and Collection Rw.
2014-10-9 17:53

Event 6.Train Pet Soul
Duration: Oct.10th,2014-Oct.12th, 2014 (GMT+8)
Server: S1-S23
Requirement: Train pet soul 100 times a day
Reward: 500K silver, 30 Luck Chests, 30 Super Whip

Event 7. Go fishing
Duration:Oct.10th,2014-Oct.12th, 2014 (GMT+8)
Rules:3 million silver to be cost each time
Green fish: Lv10 Currency Card*1,Super Whip*1,Premium EXP Card*1,Golden Soul Chest*1
Blue fish: Lv10 Currency Card*2,Luck Chest*2,Premium EXP Card*2,Golden Soul Chest*1
Purple fish: Lv3 Talent Stone Chest3*1,Luck Chest*4,Premium EXP Card*2,Golden Soul Chest*2
Golden fish: Star Token*1,Purple Soul Chest*2,Lv4 Talent Stone Chest4*1,Deluxe Voucher Card *1
    After the event starts, you will have 30min fishing time. There will be a fishing dart to count down the time. When time is up, you may get fish. Different fish, different rewards.
  1.This event is only open for players of Lv70 and above.
  2.Some amount of silver will be cost to fish.
  3.You can pick fish at once by costing Gold. The Gold cost depends on the amount of fish left within the limited time.
  4.Once the countdown is over, you will get random types of fish. Different types of fish, different rewards.
  5.Fish types: Green, Blue, Purple, and Golden. Every time you get a fish, you will get randomly an item contained in the reward.

Event 8. Play Roulette
Duration:Oct.10th,2014-Oct.12th, 2014 (GMT+8)
Details:90 Gold required before Lv70 each time; 150 Gold required after Lv70 each time
Rewards:Get the reward item appointed