【Dragonica】Notification of Server Merge on November 12

Dear all,
To create a more enjoyable game environment for all fans of Dragonica, we will merge the following servers from 10:00 am (GMT+8) to 4:00 pm (GMT+8) on November 12, 2014. After the server merge, you will find the game more exciting by getting to know more online friends! The new server will open as soon as the data maintenance is finished. Please follow up with our latest notifications on the official website and sorry for the inconvenience!

2014-11-5 17:29

1.After server merge, the characters in the later servers will have their names added suffixes (e.g.: s2).
2.If the legion names repeat in the servers, please refer the naming rules to that of the character names.
3.After server merge, the arena data will initialize. Players have to re-challenge and re-rank.
4.After server merge, the system of Landlord will initialize. Players have to re-captureslaves.
5.Palace War will start one day after the server merge. After server merge, data will initialize the first time you play Seal Demon, with a HP of Lv30; on the second day, the value will become normal.
6.After server merge, all mails you got before will be cleared. Please backup the important information in advance.
7.The characters conforming to all of the following descriptions will be deleted for the sake of server operation:
Below Lv30; b) Failing to log in within 30 days; c) No recharge record
8.From November. 7 to November. 11, the players in the target servers will get the first Merge Pack (One pack for the players above Lv30).

The pack will include:
2014-11-5 18:05

9.4 days from 00:00 am (GMT+8) on November 13 on, the players in the target servers will be able to get Merge Packs every day. Please collect the rewards from theinterface of Pack. Note: Only the players above Lv30 are qualified for the packs.

The pack will include:
Day 1: Silver:3000000, Voucher:300, Golden Soul:55, Lv5 Talent Stone Chest:2
Day 2: Silver:3500000, Voucher:350, Golden Soul:65, Super Whip:30
Day 3: Silver:4000000, Voucher:400, Golden Soul:70, High EXP Pill:2 Order:20
Day 4: Silver:6000000, Voucher:450, Golden Soul:75, Super Spirit:288 hero souls:2888 Super EXP Pill:2 Lv6 Talent Stone Chest:2

10.More events are coming after server merge! Please check Event in the game for the updates!