Chinese New Year Event (1)

Event 1  200% gold return and resource
【Duration】2015 Feb 17th 00:00 -2015 Feb 20th 23:59:59 (GMT+8)
【How to do it】During the event,players who accumulative  recharge gold reaches to the class below will get the first return on 21th and the second return on Mar 12th

Event 2 Endless fighting
【Duration】2015 Feb 17th 11:00-2015 Feb 20th 10:59GMT+8)
【How to do it】
【Details】During the event, players will get rewards if they accumulatively consume 2/5/10/15/25/40/50/60 Orders.
【How to collect rewards】Packages will be auto-sent once players consume orders to certain amounts. Players can collect rewards by clicking the button of "package" in the upper left of the game.
【What The Package contains for s1-s85】
Consumption of 2 Orders--Reward of 20k Silver
Consumption of 5 Orders--Reward of 30k Honor
Consumption of 10 Orders--Reward of 100 Speedup Orders
Consumption of 15 Orders--Reward of 400k Silver
Consumption of 25 Orders--Reward of 200k Honor
Consumption of 40 Orders--Reward of 5 Orders
Consumption of 50 Orders--Reward of 100 Jade Coin
Consumption of 60 Orders--Reward of 80 Relic
【Please Note】
1. Only Orders consumed from 11:00am to next day's 10:59am will be counted accumulatively. At 11:00am the amount of the orders consumed will be reset to zero.
2. The following 5 kinds of Orders freely-sent by game are not valid for this event.

Event 3   Artifact Mall Open
【Duration】2015 Feb 17th 12:00-2015 Feb 20th 11:59GMT+8)
【How to do it】dear players ,during the event, players can random get the big amazing reward through purchasing Artifact in the Artifact Mall. Good Luck.
【Notice】The relevant link below lead you to get the details

Event 4  Soul Shop
【Duration】2015 Feb 17th 00:00-2015 Feb 20th 23:59GMT+8)
【How to do it】during the event ,players can use souls to exchange flag and god hero
【Notice】The link below is for you to get more details

Event 5 training heroes for Five times experience
【Duration】: 2015 Feb 17th 00:00 -2015 Feb 20th 23:59:59 (GMT+8)
【how to do it】during the event, players train heroes, will get Five Times experience .Speed up is not included

Event 6 convey for Five Times bonus
【Duration】: 2015 Feb 17th 00:00 -2015 Feb 20th 23:59:59 (GMT+8)
【how to do it】during the event, players will get five times honor and silver than usual. The bonus will be added directly in your account
For example, if Ling usually gets 10000 silver and honor, during the event , she can get 50000 silver and honor

Event 7  log for good reward
【Duration】: 2015 Feb 17th 00:00 -2015 Feb 23rd 23:59:59 (GMT+8)
【how to do it】dear players, if your log days reach the requirement . you will get the reward in time .
【Reward】if miss the event, the reward will not send again
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Gold item pack contain what?


Reply 2# Newboy

contain 50 gold. Happy New Year Hong Bao from Huayu. Haha.


endless during cny???!!!!
HY think we all have no family, no life, no friends except cotk
rubbish shit


WALAO..... u kidding me...

Event 2 Endless fighting
【Duration】2015 Feb 17th 11:00-2015 Feb 20th 10:59GMT+8)

chinese new year leh oOo HY


Yah those crazy jokers. Screw endless


put daily consume event pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee thanks


Ya la Huayu !! Many companies now implementing work-life balance. You should do so on play-life balance also.... Endless during CNY WTF ! People no need go bai nian take hongbao for RC meh ? You might as well GOG & endless also.... last week already endless, now endless again.. Endless forever la..

This is only Chinese New Year (1) Event , Chinese New Year (2) Event also give another endless la

Give 2 x MOS, other later servers also cant complete full set.. maybe left 1 or 2 piece ...

And where our donkey event on log in ?

Please consider more reasonable events on Chinese New Year (2) Event ... only happen once a year what !! We Huat you also will Huat !! WIN WIN MA !


Are you Chinese HuaYu?

Do you not visit relatives once a year to catch up?
You want to talk to your GrandMa about burning orders to get pack?
Or you munch on Barbecued Pork while Oiling up your mobile phone?

Exchange orange press attack see got gold item drop???

Simple log in packs for MOS 8 pieces HUAT HUAT mah! 8 RED PACKETS ma!
Or 8 GOLD packets ma!

**You worried pple gamble money away no money RC?



Reply 9# GloriaGold

No Bro, they are Ah Neh Huayu ( no prejudice to anyone out there )

Stingy , Niao , no listen feedback !