s88 still cant do big wheel ?


s88 still cant do big wheel ?
Panda-X Post at 2015-8-24 20:23

    clear browser cache bro, it'll work


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    hi Brass! the RC problem is happening again, i just RC 200 HY points but didnt receive any points, plzz look in to it. thanks Brass


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    and also the last time i RC 200 points but only got 100 points, what is going on? i cant RC anymore?


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    new,please write an email to the cs depart  to tell your case ,they will help,thanks


why can't we log in to big wheel ???????


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    new,please write an email to the cs depart  to tell your case ,they will  ...
Brass Post at 2015-8-25 09:52


wei 2015-6-23 14:32

Event 2 lucky consume for Big Wheel
【Duration】: 2015 June 19th 14:00 -2015 June 23rd 14:00 (GMT+8)
【Servers】: S1-S87
【how to do it】during the time ,player can consume get the chances
【Event link】http://goodluck.huayugame.com/tk

【kindly remind】
1.how to get the free chance: log game first, then click the event link
2.consume gold
First: players need to consume gold during the event, especiallly pay attention to the event time
Second: please stop consume gold 40 minutes before the end of event in order to get your chance in time
First: please get the free chance according to the guide
Second: please use up the chances you get before the end of the event.
4.please red the above carefully ,thanks

May I know where are the wheel spin chances after consumed?

I consumed around 1pm (GMT+8) and waited for one hour until Big Wheel event closed.

Isn't it supposed to be 40 minutes processing time which is supposed to be latest 1.40pm (GMT+8)? Give and take a little, surely it is not too much to ask for if you can process the chances within the 40 minutes time frame set by your company? But why is it that the chances are delayed?

Please kindly explain and reimburse my lost chances, thank you.

The above has been sent via email, pm, posted in forum thread since last month and no respond from HY side.

Brass, can you ask tech side to look into this?

Since you say HY will not let players bear losses?
Brass, my previous missing chances which I have highlighted many times before and sending many pms to mod and emails to tech department. When are you going to fix this or is this going down the drain again?

Please read my highlighted concerns in RED

In case you want to ask again, I am from:

Server 86
ID: wei86


s88 consume more than 1k in 21 august and now no any try for spin
make up my gold  and stop cheating my gold


pls create function to let us sell our gold and red pages!


Ling dear,

Please help to remove the 10 SCROLLS and CHANGE WITH : level 3 flag pack.

10 scrolls as reward is really very sucks and bad