The Second Batch of September Event

Event 1 Daily recharge gold get gold
【Duration】2015 Sep 4th 00:00—2015 Sep 7th 23:59(GMT+8)
【How to do it】During the event,players who daily  recharge gold reaches to the class below will get the reward next day

Event 2  Noble's Token Event
【Duration】2015 Sep 4th 00:00—2015 Sep 7th 23:59(GMT+8)
【How to do it】during the event, players who accumulative recharge  reach relevant class, will get relevant right.
【Note】This event is for the Noble's Silver Token , Noble's Gold Token

【Introduction】This  is the event reference

Event 3  Accu consume for red book with 20% off
【Duration】2015 Sep 4th 00:00—2015 Sep 7th 23:59(GMT+8)
【How to do it】During the event,players who accumulative consume gold reaches to the class below will get the reward on Sep 8th

Event 4  double relic from Devine ,Sacrifice, Yin and Yang
【Duration】: 2015 Sep 4th 00:00—2015 Sep 7th 23:59(GMT+8)
【how to do it】during the event , players go on Devine ,Sacrifice, Yin and Yang, will get double bonus. The reward will be added in the account directly by system.

Event 5   Artifact Mall Open
Please click the link to check the information of Artifact Mall
【Duration】2015 Sep 4th 12:00-2015 Sep 7th 11:59(GMT+8)
【How to do it】dear players ,during the event, players can random get the big amazing reward through purchasing Artifact in the Artifact Mall. Good Luck.
【Notice】The relevant link below lead you to get the details

Event 6  Soul Shop
【Duration】2015 Sep 4th 00:00-2015 Sep 7th 23:59GMT+8)
【How to do it】during the event ,players can use souls to exchange flag and god hero
【Notice】The link below is for you to get more details

Event 7  Accumulative consume for super hero piece
【Duration】: 2015 Sep 4th 00:00-2015 Sep 7th 23:59GMT+8)
【Servers】: S1-S88
【how to do it】during the event , players accumulative consume gold reach the class, after the event,please contact our cs  to tell which hero piece would you choose. Hero Range: super luxun, super xunyu, super dianwei, super simayi, super sunce super huatuo
【warm remind】
1.For every hero ,player just can own only one same hero
2.if player consume more than 200000 gold, will also get 20 pieces. The events total contains 20 classes
3.if  players accumulatively consume gold ≥60000,he or she can choose the different pieces among the six heroes

Event 8 Continuous daily recharge for big reward
【Duration】: 2015 Sep 4th 00:00 -2014 Sep 13th 23:59:59 (GMT+8)【Servers】:S1-S88
【how to do it】during the event, getting the rewards need to meet two demands;
First:daily accumulative recharge is no less than 300 gold
Second:From the day that you first recharge, when your continuous accu recharge days reaches the class, you will get the reward immediately .

Event 9 log for good reward
【Duration】: 2015 Sep 4th 00:00—2015 Sep 13th 23:59(GMT+8)
【how to do it】dear players, if your log days reach the requirement . you will get the reward in time .

Event 10  Endless Conquests
【Duration】:2015 Sep 4th  —2015 Sep 13th (GMT+8)
Battle Time: Sep. 4th- Sep. 10th
Display Time: Sep. 11th - Sep. 13th
【How to do it】 during the event, you will get abundant reward .according to the cross server rank
【details】more details, click the link

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Reply 1# Brass

    Hi Brass,

Can u put the continuous rc for lvl 6 and 7 stones please. Thank you


Y no Gold Book discount ? Add in Gold book for this event .



Please Feedback


2) Propose Continous recharge :
1day : 100ksilver, chaos
2day : 400k honou, 5 order, 400 pride
3day: 700k honour, 800pride, recast book, 100 relic
4day : 5000000silver, 400scroll, 200 relic
5 day : Dragon jade piece, 300 relic
6 day : Calamus Kit piece, Chaos privilege, 400 relic
7 day : Gold ITEM pack, chaos, 800 scrolls, 2000000honour, 10order, 500 relic



Please put Merit Cloak inside Gold Item Pack


Reduce Gold item price to 8k and make it like instant recharge.
Like that I think new servers can one shot catch up with gold equipments against old servers.
Introduce longer levy events and relics events.
Any events except gems and war tactics should come in abundance so new servers can easily catch up. Thanks

So far Brass, so many suggestions. Hardly see any improvements leh. Good events, but usually same events


Reply 6# newbienewb

    YES! Good suggestion! 8k for Gold Items!
Plus 5k consume for lvl 6 flags!


Brass..pls consider to make sachet can be bougth at mall..
even its only fragnant kit or glow kit, we need it


Dear Brass / Ling

Can you please check for me, I am missing my gold item pack from the August 31 days log. Which I haven't collect, cause I don't want to decide yet what to collect.

Account names are Ashley, Briana, Coddy, Daniela, Esther, Fairy, Godoy. All is from server S81.

The only char that still have it is Hansen which I open to try to see what it is inside, It is in mystery pack.

Thank you.



why gold package in artefact don't have jade kylin. Should at least indicate what is inside the gold package.

Busted 580 gold for useless item.

Pls suggest to put Jade Kylin inside the gold package. Tks.