Chaos of Three Kingdoms Server Merge (s67,s70)

In order to maintain a high level of game play across the Chaos of Three Kingdoms, on Sep 15th 2015, Chaos of Three Kingdoms will begin consolidating the following servers.

Please Note:
1.  After the maintenance,you can still choose the old server to log in the merge server.
2.  In order to protect your interest,please do not recharge during the maintenance.
3.  In order to avoid your losses,please log off 3 hours before maintenance.  
4.  All the players will be transferred to the safe city corresponding to the level.
5.  All the players’ farm,mine,lord,vassal,legion farm will be ended.
6.  All the prosperity of the city will restore to the initial value.
7.  All the president in the country will be dismissed and will be voted again after the maintenance.
8.  All the training of heroes will be cancelled.
9.  All the integration of ranking and challenge will remain,It will be ranked again after maintenance.
10.  Remember to collect your equipments in the temporary bag.
11.  Remember to collect your package before maintanence.
Character binding instructions:
If a player's account has characters on both servers.The other character need to transfer to a new account from Huayu Game.
do as follows:
All the characters will have their number of server appended to their character.

Click the avatar,the other characters will show up in the right of player info page

Click “Bind account” and fill in your new account and info.
(Notice:Here is the link to register a new account from Huayu Game

Click “Bind account” and fill in your new account and info.
After click ok,It will show up”account binding successful”
(Notice:It means the other character has binded to the new account and you can’t change again.Please be careful.)

Character modification instruction:
Click the button in the right of the character and change your character.
(Notice:You can only change your character for one time. Please be careful.)

Other matters:
1.If you can’t log in the game after maintenance,please contact with customer service.We will solve your problem ASAP.
2.Event for Chaos Battle in The Merged Server, click for more information
Thanks for your support to Chaos of Three Kingdoms.Have a good time in our game!

HuaYu team
Sep 14th 2015
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Sorry don't understand the Character Binding Instructions. I have account on both S67 and S70. I only want to continue my ID in S67 after merger. So I log into my S67 ID after merger and bind it to S70 ID? I don't play S70 anymore why still need to bind to it?

Thank you.


Reply 2# redhare

haha,dear redhare,please look :

Before merge ,you use same account to log 67 and 70,because 67 70 are two servers
after merge ,67 and 70 is a big server ,one account just can have one char in a server
That's why if you wanna log another char need to create a new account

if you have same character in the 67 and 70 before merge

then need to look at

    Please use web to bind your account operation.
Please login our game.
After you login our game.
For example,If it shows server 27 .Click the avatar,your other accounts will be shown up !
The other
- server 28 : Fandi
- server 29 : Fandi
- server 30 : Fandi
- server 31 : Fandi

Please choose the account that you'd like to bind.We have no bind time limit!You can bind the account anytime!You can also choose freely to bind which account!

Kindly remind:The bind account must be a new account.You can register the new account from .
Maybe you will ask why use a new account to bind.Because one account to one character.In order to avoid one account to five account.

After you bind successfully,it will show you the word "bind successfully".Please remember the account and password that you bind.

When you choose which character you want to play,please enter its account and password.

Because you have same character in s28,,s29,s30,s31,so you can choose to change your character.

After you bind account,please login the account that you want to change the character name!

click the button in the right of the character and change the character.

Best Regards


Thanks! But if I only want s67, I can just ignore the other server Ids right?


Reply 4# redhare

   redhare ,yes ,if you just wanna keep s67 char ,then you can ignore another char and don't need to bind


Reply 1# Brass

Brass, when mobile update ????

Still cant GOG, Gem and War Tactics on mobile yet... so many people cant play GOG

a lot of people still using apple products...


Reply 6# Crazed

    crazed ,be patient ,is preparing ,and test the IOS