The Event for Celebration on Mid-Autumn Festival (1)

Event 1 Daily recharge gold get gold
【Duration】2015 Sep 24th 00:00—2015 Sep 26th 23:59(GMT+8)
【How to do it】During the event,players who daily  recharge gold reaches to the class below will get the reward next day

Event 2  Noble's Token Event
【Duration】2015 Sep 24th 00:00—2015 Sep 26th 23:59(GMT+8)
【How to do it】during the event, players who accumulative recharge  reach relevant class, will get relevant right.
1.This event is for the Noble's Silver Token and Noble's Gold Token
2.Time limit for collect reward -lasts one month from the event end.

【Introduction】This  is the event reference

Event 3  Accumulative consume for book piece
【Duration】2015 Sep 24th 00:00 -2015 Sep 30th 23:59:59 (GMT+8)
【How to do it】During the event,players who accumulative consume gold reaches to the class below will get the reward on Oct 1st

Event 4  lucky consume for Big Wheel for Mid-Autumn Festival
【Duration】: 2015 Sep 24th 14:00 -2015 Sep 30th 14:00 (GMT+8)
【Servers】: S1-S88
【how to do it】during the time ,player can consume get the chances
【Event link】it will be published before the event start.

【kindly remind】 to get the free chance: log game first, then click the event link
2.consume gold
First: players need to consume gold during the event, especiallly pay attention to the event time. Every 100 gold consumed get one chance
Second: please stop consume gold 40 minutes before the end of event in order to get your chance in time
First: please get the free chance according to the guide
Second: please use up the chances you get before the end of the event.
4. lv 10 flag pack is changed to lv9 flag pack which with higher drop than lv 10 flag pack
5.relic number is 20
6.One Brocade Book Piece will be freely given to those who never get the one of  big reward (gold item pack,5000 gold,lv7 flag pack,lv8 flag pack and lv9 flag pack) after he use chances over 1000

Event 5  daily consume for random Gem
【Duration】2015 Sep 24th 00:00—2015 Sep 26th 23:59(GMT+8)
【How to do it】During the event,players who daily consume gold reaches the class, will get relevant reward next day

Event 6  Artifact Mall Open
【Duration】2015 Sep 24th 12:00-2015 Sep 26th 11:59(GMT+8)
【How to do it】dear players ,during the event, players can random get the big amazing reward through purchasing Artifact in the Artifact Mall. Good Luck.
【Notice】The relevant link below lead you to get the details

Event 7  Soul Shop
【Duration】2015 Sep 24th 00:00-2015 Sep 26th 23:59GMT+8)
【How to do it】during the event ,players can use souls to exchange flag and god hero
【Notice】The link below is for you to get more details

Event 8 daily log for reward
【Duration】: 2015 Sep 24th 00:00 -2015 Sep 26th 23:59:59 (GMT+8)【Servers】:S1-S88
【how to do it】dear players, during the event, if you log game every day, you can daily get 10 orders,50 gold
【Please Note】dear player, if you forget to log one time in a single day. You will miss the pack .In this case, It will not be made up for you

Event 9 Endless fighting
【Duration】2015 Sep 24th 11:00-2015 Sep 30th 10:59(GMT+8)
【How to do it】
【Details】During the event, players will get rewards if they accumulatively consume 2/5/10/15/25/40/50/60 Orders.
【How to collect rewards】Packages will be auto-sent once players consume orders to certain amounts. Players can collect rewards by clicking the button of "package" in the upper left of the game.
【What The Package contains for s1-s88】
Consumption of 2 Orders--Reward of 20k Silver
Consumption of 5 Orders--Reward of 100k Honor
Consumption of 10 Orders--Reward of 5 orders
Consumption of 15 Orders--Reward of 100 jade coin
Consumption of 25 Orders--Reward of 100 scolls
Consumption of 40 Orders--Reward of 800 pride
Consumption of 50 Orders--Reward of 50 relic
Consumption of 60 Orders--Reward of Random Gem Lv4*1
【Please Note】
1. Only Orders consumed from 11:00am to next day's 10:59am will be counted accumulatively. At 11:00am the amount of the orders consumed will be reset to zero.
2. The following 5 kinds of Orders freely-sent by game are not valid for this event.

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Reply 1# Brass

EVENT 8 is SOLID! Thanks Brass, btw, should have added consume for super hero would be perfect.


Reply 1# Brass

huayu for artifact mall why dont you give super sima yi as well...

since now already have xunyu dianwei sunce luxun and hua tao


Reply 1# Brass

Yes Brass pls add Simayi- God to Soul shop also...



Super Sima Yi in soul shop!

Brass please feedback!


Yeah Brass, pls put in soul shop for simayi god piece....

no double standard please


Good Event.. i mean all.


geblek emg hidup cuman main cotk doang


Brass Dear,

pls take this as your general knowledge, tomorrow and 3 days afterwards are Muslim's celebration of Eid Mubarak (one of most important days in Islamic calender). for more than 3 years i played COTK,  i never see cotk celebration for muslim players like as u did for other major religions and belief like christmas, new years eve, chinese new year, moon cake festival etc. pls appreciate more of your players since we all are coming from multi religion and belief, and after all, this  COTK is 'international' right?

pls DO consider to send a gift pack of Eid as a proof of your concern of harmony to all your players. GBU BRO!!


HY should do Endless event everyday ,endless with login pack 0f 100gold and 10order,
so this can make player to login to clear order everday ,that will be nice