The Event for Mid-Autumn Festival (2)

Event 1  Daily recharge for 200% gold back
【Duration】2015 Sep 27th 00:00—2015 Sep 30th 23:59(GMT+8)
【How to do it】During the event,players who daily  recharge gold reaches to the class below will get gold pack next day

Event 2  Accumulative recharge for book piece
【Duration】2015 Sep 27th 00:00—2015 Sep 30th 23:59(GMT+8)
【How to do it】During the event,players who accumulative recharge gold reaches to the class below will get the reward on Oct 1st

Event 3  daily consume for spirits
please pay attention to the event time ,thanks
【Duration】2015 Sep 27th 00:00—2015 Sep 29th 23:59(GMT+8)
【How to do it】During the event,players who daily consume gold reaches the class, will get relevant reward .the reward will be sent by CS on Oct. 8th.

Event 4 Challenge request open
【Duration】2015 Sep 27th 00:00—2015 Sep 30th 23:59(GMT+8)【Servers】S1-S88
【How to do it】Click the button of “Quest” and choose “Challenge”

1. After finishing quests, you can get Flag, synthesis Stone and Equipments as reward.
2. The higher quest star is, the bigger chance to get higher level flag and Synthesis Stone, among which the best you can get are Lv 3 flags and stones.
3. Reward will be picked random from the list of reward equipments of the star besides the flags.
4. Please check in the game for more details after event starts.
5. Gold and Red equipments reward of the list is Gold Piece and Red Piece.
6. Event will end on Sep 30th 23:59, seize the opportunity! Challenge Quest will be closed after the event is over.
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no hero consume ??
dumb event ever.......


Reply 2# Panda-X

agreed totally...might as well dont make as event...super waste time!


Got better event bo, getting boring


<trixter> S80 got Lv7 Flag Pack*1 rewards!
<chiEleanore> S80 got Lv8 Flag Package*1

using clones to cheat REAL players
chiEleanore is fake HY clone


Reply 5# Acton

    5 mins 5 drop to SHU
WEI no need play

[Global] : Sirhc got Snake Spear Piece(2/20).
[Global] : Benitaaa got Snake Spear Piece(2/20).
[Global] : ProLowLVL got Wen Chou·GodPieces(10/20).
[Global] : Benitaaa got Snake Spear Piece(3/20).
[Global] : KIM got Snake Spear Piece(17/20).
[Global] : SEVEN got Snake Spear Piece(16/20).


Reply 6# Acton
these players hunt snake spear with most of there order so they get drop maybe you should try use orders for items but you are some kind of cry baby makes you look bad lor
and prolowlvl is wu not shu i think if  you spend more time working on your acc rather than cry like baby maybe your account stronger you need grow up


i wonder who is this Javas,never see this player in country chat b4still can get lvl9 flag


Reply 7# AL

    Dun dare say your nick?
SHU baby, scared?
Dun come stupid words, i see with my eyes.

so other player dun use orders?
SHU baby just dun judge from your comfort zone.

show stats. not lies and insult people cry baby.
look at the mirror u SHU baby


Reply 9# Acton

    hmm i see your scared by it all interesting you say shu get it all when clearly you dun know who is who with drops you quote wu as shu players lol no one is scared but when i see lately wei seems to get lot mor drops of things like in silver bonus 2 5 10 shu hardly any but wei and wu quite a lot i dun need look in a mirror i play my game to my ability i dun come here and cry like a baby ask for merger or for more drops like you most ppl play to better what they can do but we always have baby like you who when they lose they cry i guess this is your thing look in the mirror hard and ask yourself if you are true to your self as i think when you look you will find your not