【Web Update】LV220 Version Update

Server maintenance will come for new web version from 7:00-9:00 on Nov 5th  2015(GMT+8). There won’t be announcement if we finish it ahead of time. Thank you very much for your support.
If  android or IOS occurs data missing, please don't worry, It will be solved soon by Tech.

1.New version of Lv220
Building Level and others upgrade to Lv220

2.FURNACE system(NEW)
You can update your equipment to a Lv220 new one with some materials.
7 new materials can be found in new GOG event and the Soul shop.

3.Conquests Event
Conquests display period shortened to 2 days and fighting period become 5 days.

4.GOG rewards update:
a)A new excellent set of rewards for GOG ranking, more dedails see next GOG event.
b)Display period of GOG shortened to 1 day.
c)More Exploit players can get from every attack.

Four new Maps they are:
a)Three Kingdoms-Seven Catches  (Story of Zhuge Liang and MengHuo)
b)Swallow Eye  (Story of XiaHou Zhun)
c)ZhouYu's Death  (Because of  his Jealousy to ZhuGe Liang)
d)Tai Ci Biography

6.New Heroes
a)God•Meng Huo
b)God•XiaHou Dun
d)God•Tai Ci
e)God•Jiang Wei

7.Bronze Sparrow
Now you can interact with Zhu Rong and Zhen Ji with Treasure and  Rarity, which can be obtained from new GOG and the
Soul Shop

8.Array Level
Now maxed Lv of Array become Lv150, Maxed Array Skill become Lv15.

Now Scrolls can upgrade 10 more Levels except golden scrolls.

Changed some unlocked Gems and they can be bought 3 times a day

Study to Lv36 allow you have another new Equipment Skill

a)Maxed Flag Lv become Lv12
b)Now Lv5 Flags can be found in the Mall

a)Removed the rolling tips
b)There will be tips in Legion chatting box when declaring a farm battle.
c)Emoticon problem fixed.
d)New set of rewards in Soul Shop including new resources and gems.
e)New hero in Artifact Mall. Pay attention to theintro about it.

HY Team


Reply 1# Brass

    ****, im not ready yet, but this is goodnews to alot
thanks for the news!


Great start to November!

Thanks Brass!!! Can't wait to try the new updates!!


Where is God Emperor ? Will Packages be lost ..confirm Thanks. Mostly Com and Tca Heros ...Emperor God izzit on Sale ?


Hi brass,

can add one click to bomb all gm?
Thank you.


Reply 1# Brass

Brass, thanks for the update

Please increase daily rewards ( for eg : Silver mine / relics / pride ) for players to cope with the upgrades...   

and please add new function, one click to bomb all gm for legion cause many people had left the game and very tedious for us to bomb every gm one by one..


Give Celebration Rewards for this New Upgrade Version. Thanks


Reply 5# orange

Brass, please request to tech dept. Players will be so happy!


Reply 4# weile009

    in the artifact mall or soul soup,the worker not write ,after  update ,when open the event ,then occur emporor


Reply 5# orange

    research depart refused the advice  long long ago,so taht's why the event maker always do some log for free gold event