Reply 1# Brass

    RIP gold, sad


Reply 17# TerraSlayer

Tell Huayu CS "" after u sold book/item.

Red book pc = Lv4 random gem
Gold book pc = Lv5 random gem
  1. Hi dear

  2. You should sell the red books or golden items.Then tell us.
  3. We will send you 1 random gem for every piece you sell after we check your selling history.

  4. item piece                           item converted to
  5. Red book piece*1               lv4 random gem*1
  6. Gold book piece*1              lv5 random gem*1
  7. Gold horse piece*1             lv4 random gem*1
  8. Gold cloak piece*1              lv4 random gem*1
  9. Gold token piece*1             lv4 random gem*1
  10. Gold kit piece*1                  lv4 random gem*1

  11. NOTICE:1.You should sell 10 pieces or 1 full set of item at least to join this.
  12.               2.The gem packs in this event are the old version.
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-Why only red book?

Hi dear

Gems sent.
Please check your package.
About other red items,sorry dear.
We design this to help players clear space for their packages.
At least, it make those no-use items some value.
We don't have any plan for event about other red items currently.
Hope you will kindly understand.