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    Did you see "BROCADE BOOK" in my idea post? Yes! In the monthly login but did it say "BIG DROP"? NO! Please finish reading encyclopedia/dictionary before you post.

The reason why Brocade pc still a big drop in wheel because the later server needs to complete 5 and still valuable. When old server get Brocade pc u can exchange to gems and I know not all S22 S42 S61 already have 5 bb set and only ppl with 5 bb set will complain on exchanging to mid level gems, better than nothing. Do you want S100 non-VIP get high level gems faster than mid-VIP mid server?


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Yeah! Even I haven't completed my 5th book. I have 12 pcs. But I'm already at guan du so it's pretty useless now I think. lol Nothing to do but wait till Huayu lowers Guan Du difficulty, or get bored and quit.