The 1st of June

Event 1 New Version Consume Lucky Wheel

Wheel Active at : 2017 June 2nd 14:00—2017 June 5th 14:00 (GMT+8)
Consume Duration : 2017 June 2nd 14:00—2017 June 5th 18:00 (GMT+8)


【Note】1 gold consume = 1 wheel point (Wheel Points can be used to spin the lucky wheel, 77 point needed to once.
Spin one time can get 1 index, index can be used to change index reward in “Wheel Exchange” interface.

【PS】Please be careful:
Myth Flag pack include:
Dragon Banner, Black Dragon Banner, Black Dragon Flag, Red Dragon Banner, Red Dragon Flag, Iron Dragon Banner, Iron Dragon Flag, Cloud Flag , Fire Dragon Flag, Steel Dragon Flag, White Tiger Flag, Red Tiger Flag.
Luxury Flag Pack include:
Black Dragon Banner, Black Dragon Flag, Red Dragon Banner, Red Dragon Flag, Iron Dragon Banner, Iron Dragon Flag, Cloud Flag, Fire Dragon Flag, Rosefinch Flag, Rosefinch Banner.

Event 2 First Top-Up get 10000 Gold + 4000 vip point Return

【Duration】2017 June 2nd 00:00—2017 June 5th 23:59 (GMT+8)


【how To Do】The initial recharge of 80 gold for a new character will be rewarded an extra 10000 gold+4000 vip point as a bonus. The reward pack will be sent immediately after the initial recharge.

【Please note】
1. Make sure the initial exchange is no less than 80 gold
2. Gold exchange must be done at one time.
3. This event only for new characters who never recharged before.
4. This event can be joined only for once.
5. Old Characters will not get reward from this event.

Event 3 Accu Consume for Book pc

【Duration】: 2017 June 2nd 00:00—2017 June 5th 23:59(GMT+8)


【How To Do】Accumulated gold consumption reaches to the amount below to get relevant reward on 2017 June 6th.

Gold Book Piece info:
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This must be the "END OF CLONE CONSUME"? RIP!

They can make new version of wheel but in GoG exploit rw still old since earlier 2016...


Give back previous BW consume. This version sucks


can the wheel item can be shared in all server under the same user? its not mentioned pls indicated.



and why never give anniversary pack like s101 for s1 to s100?

Please be fair


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(1) 77points for 1 spin: CONFIRM to get flags or not?

(2) ur new BW version is NOT clear...please explain thoroughly...many don't understand for buddies been flooding me with messages asking for further explanation

Thank you.


not even a hero pack consume or a furnace pack consume
Its quite needed by some.


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don't consume if there's no other bundle.. doesn't make sense... don't treat us like a fool huayu! with this type of consume criteria is nothing but madness!


My interpretation:

1) 1 gold consumed for 1 wheel point, 77 wheel points for to spin once. No idea what rewards are inside the spin, but it seems that ONE phoenix feather is one of the rewards.

2) 1 spin for 1 index. Index can be changed for rewards (no idea what is the reward, probably the myth and luxury flag pack). This is probably to replace the various consume packs.

In short, 77 gold consumed for 1 spin and 1 index. No mention of whether the rewards can be shared.

3) Daily free silver, honor, relics and coins for the character of current server (probably not sharable among all servers).

End of clone era since there is no daily free spins anymore. Can probably still use clone accounts for consume if the wheel/interface rewards are sharable among all servers.


why is there no gems reward in this consume event?
like 35 lv7 gems for 20k gold consume???