Version Update 1. 17. 12. 5

Version Update 1. 17. 12. 5

Update Time: 2017-07-05, 9:00-12:00 am (GMT+8)
Servers: All Servers

1. Glory of God
a) Final kill function cancelled(no extra rewarded)

2. Gold Mine
a) Gold production+10

3. Hero
a. Adjust Hero Xu Chu God Hero Skill(he’s too strong before)
b) Add "Click to Maximize", costs gold and honor.

4. Chat
a) Players under Lv.60 can't send messages in any chat room

5. Pack
a) Pack quick jump available, player can jump to the first or last page with it.

6. Stages
a) New battle stages!
i. Flood Army
1. Unlock: clear stage Against Wei
2. Reward: Random Bonus
ii. Outwit
1. unlock: clear stage Flood Army
2. Reward: Random Bonus
iii. Duan Gu Battle
1. unlock: clear stage Outwit
2. Reward: Random Bonus
iv. Bandit Chaos
1. Unlock:defeat the 6th NPC in stage Against Wei
2. Reward: Random Bonus
v. Suppress Bandit
1. Unlock: defeat the 6th NPC in stage Flood Army
2. Reward:Random Bonus
b) Lower Difficulty
i. Lost in Yuzhong
ii. Against Wei

7. Random Pack
a)Battle Random Bonus
b)Randomly get DEF Gem Lv1,DEF Gem Lv2,DEF Gem Lv3,DEF Gem Lv4,DEF Gem Lv5,DEF Gem Lv6,ATK Gem Lv1,ATK Gem Lv2,ATK Gem Lv3,ATK Gem Lv4,ATK Gem Lv5,ATK Gem Lv6,TCD Gem Lv1,TCD Gem Lv2,TCD Gem Lv3,TCD Gem Lv4,TCD Gem Lv5,TCD Gem Lv6,TCA Gem Lv1,TCA Gem Lv2,TCA Gem Lv3,TCA Gem Lv4,TCA Gem Lv5,TCA Gem Lv6,STD Gem Lv1,STD Gem Lv2,STD Gem Lv3,STD Gem Lv4,STD Gem Lv5,STD Gem Lv6,STA Gem Lv1,STA Gem Lv2,STA Gem Lv3,STA Gem Lv4,STA Gem Lv5,STA Gem Lv6,Abs ATK Gem Lv1,Abs ATK Gem Lv2,Abs DEF Gem Lv1,Abs DEF Gem Lv2,Virid Dragon Flag Lv1,Virid Dragon Flag Lv2,Virid Dragon Flag Lv3,Virid Dragon Flag Lv4,Virid Dragon Flag Lv5,Virid Dragon Flag Lv6,Rosefinch Flag Lv1,Rosefinch Banner Lv1.

a) Introducing the brand new system—Warhorse! Player can get their horse after taming. Horses have several qualities.They give heroes extra attributes . Divine horse has extra skill, horses can be equipped by hero or refined to beast soul. Beast soul can be equipped to horse and provide additional attributes.

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