Reply 1# Brass

Fuck you huayu...

You said god xuncu very strong....
Bullshittttttttttt...Did you know our xuchu only can hit 300 in story guandu map...

Bullshit and fuck your own asshole huayu..Who are your stupid n idiot manager

Dont regret if afterthis many ppl will quit because your stupidness...


Reply 11# ZhaoYun89

    I oledi long time not fuck huayu in forum....i tot huayu become more clever... but look like become more stupid n idiot...did they know how many svip already quit because bored and idiot huayu not listen to our request...

if u want know all huayu staff is lazy ...did u know many gm name in forum already not gm anymore but their name still there...include my many time i ask them to remove my name but its still there

ABOON   ......


Reply 16# ZhaoYun89

    me  rc lrss than 5k permonth now... game become bored n bored... when got new update mean huayu want suck our money more n more...

now i play just for friendship but maybe will quit with no return soon


Reply 20# TerraSlayer

This another greedy huayu....

u imagine how much gold n honor u need to max each atrr...If u are l320 mean your atrr max 340

= 340 x 60g =20400g (each atrr) ...If want max IN, BV n LD u can count yourself)

they stupid thing is even your hero now oledi have +300 (for example) ,,,, u still need 20400 g to max ....Its mean what???????? Dammm asshole huayu always cheat us


Reply 24# tidus07

    no bro i just try my clone in s90


Reply 26# tidus07

    i try check in my acc in main server tomorrow