put sun quan and lin tong in soul shop...thats what I call update......lol


Reply  Doyanmeki

I doubt they will put them, if they put it, then there's already a stronger hero ...
~Ash~ Post at 2017-7-5 17:50

most of vip top spender play full sta. with the freebies of gold book from hy now most ppl play full sta also.  they care less abt heroes like sq and lt. what i am proposing here is a balance of sta tca and com. most of heroes in soul shop is com and sta which doesnt need inspirer. tca player need a good inspirer....ssx and oi are so outdated...and tca heroes that can revive is only one which is lt.


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1. Glory of God
a) Final kill function cancelled(no extra rewarded)

Good....SOMEONE' ...
Dawggie Post at 2017-7-6 00:47

you happy because of no rewards for last kill ? are you HY spy ?

True players wants more rewards....you dawggie are just troll not player....pls get the hell out of this forum...