Reply 1# Brass

Gold gold gold...
Soul... Furnace material...
RC wheel and index consume wheel...



This is very unfair. Those who got the 650 index last wheel got 2 level 7 luxury flags. Now not only it costs 666 index, it consists of 2 level 7 flag packs (NO abs).


Reply 11# ZhaoYun89

To up array morale, same as the ones we get from smelting.


Reply 16# SB

Supplies to up array morale.


Reply 20# SB

It was 77... They just changed it.


Reply 33# ZhaoYun89

Agree and disagree, got good and bad.

In terms of furnace material, the quantity gets upgraded.
You get more pages/volume/supply too.
But in terms of luxury flag, not so good.

With all the free gold for main (and clones), most will probably aim level 8 abs flag. Previously, you need 50k to get 2 level 7, now you need 80k to get 2 level 7 (and in 2 separate wheels).

For those who aim for wordless book, maybe the upgrade is better. I think (not very sure) the different furnace packs give more fuse materials.


Reply 35# fairplay

Look carefully, I didn't say yes only.

I said good and bad.

Bad for flag, good for fusing wordless book.


Reply 41# Ashley$81

Agreed agreed!. Even if we want to selectively open the more useful ones, it is also very difficult. The names of the pack are the same, unlike the old wheel. We have to scroll over each pack to check to content.