August Bonus Event

Event 1 Accu Login event
【Duration】: 2017 August 29th 00:00—2017 September 4th 23:59(GMT+8)
【How To Do】Login every day to get the pack below (total 7 day)

Event 2 FREE flag synthesis without stone
【Duration】Event will only open for 40 min a day. Please read the duration very carefully,
First Round: 2017 August 29th 21.00- 2017 August 29th 21.40 (GMT+8)
Second Round: 2017 August 30th 22.00- 2017 August 30th 22.40 (GMT+8)
Third Round: 2017 August 31st 23.00- 2017 August 31st 23.40 (GMT+8)
【Qualification】This event can only participate by players with VIP 0-10.
【Kindly Notice】
1. This Event won’t have any sign or notice while its open, just drag the flag that you want to upgrade during the duration above to “flag Syn” colomn and click “instant Synthesis” to make sure it didn’t cost you any Gold to upgrade.
Tips: PLEASE MAKE SURE THE GOLD COST IS “0” AND YOUR FLAG AMOUNT IS ENOUGH TO SYNTHETIC (We will not compensate anything that caused by didn't enough flags to synthetic and costing gold)

2.  If you have synthesis stone, don't drag your stone to synthesis material, otherwise your stone will be swallowed. Remember, this is a free stone event. We can synthesis flag without stone! Don't put your stone inside!

Event 3 [NEW] Lv 280 Artifact Mall Open
【Duration】2017 August 29th 12:00-2017 August 31st 11:59(GMT+8)
【How To Do】By purchasing Packages, you can get amazing rewards randomly according to the items in the package.Good Luck.
【Notice】Find 2 new hero at lv 280 Artifact Mall
【Notice】The link below is of Lv220 Artifact Mall ... &extra=page%3D1

Event 4 Soul Shop
【Duration】: 2017 August 29th 00:00-2017 August 31st 23:59:59 (GMT+8)
【How To Do】Now you can use souls to exchange God Heroes, Gems, Flags and some other resources.
Now Zhuge Jin•God is available.

Event 5 Four times of Flag and Stone
【Duration】: 2017 August 29th 00:00—2017 August 31st 23:59(GMT+8)
【How To Do】
The Flags and Stones you purchased in Flag Mall will be quadruple during this event. (buy 1 get another 3)
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Reply 1# Brass

Thank you! Free syn~~


thx hy. no consume event?


Thanks. Free Sync Event


Y don't make whole day Event .... Thanks


Reply 3# Candida

    Ya.. where consume for GEM?


Why you guys asking for consume event, when that starts next week, at first batch of September? Consume event is together with recharge and wheel event.


Reply 7# TerraSlayer

    Hello. FREE stones synth. Consume event can invest flags.
Not everyone like you have plenty FREE lvl 9 flags from BW. Unfortunate accounts need to BUY flags.

thanks and goodbye


Reply 8# LongFeiFengWu

    Lol you're funny. There was a 4x flag and stone event for last event. Did you buy enough flags?


Reply 9# TerraSlayer

    LOL... does the players request bother you?? Funny sia