wow...what wuming said is happened also to me. I die in vampire map and cant collect silvers from event...

another invest in city by clicking is so hard.... i have to click multiple times just to get the invest menu....

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I also gave feedback.... still cannot degrade items to sell off... have to spend gold to increase bag

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Reply 20# Ling

    Char ID is Wuming.

Please try to fix the degrade bug too. Still cannot degrade items. Thanks.


Hi Guys!
Ok noted
will inform developer to check and solve
Thank you guys for the feedback
We have sent feedback package for u guys
please check
waiting for your next feedback

Have a nice day all


Reply 24# Ling

    By the way. I noticed VIP points is decreasing daily. Just like old version of COTK. don't know if it is intentional or not.

Would be nice if we can get more free VIP packs later to test more things.


Also, I forgot to mention. We cannot invest silver on walls like in COTK. When click on walls, it's empty. Can't do anything.


Reply 14# ZhaBa

Hi Dear~
Just for make sure, for the question:
1. No opponent at farm ans silver battle : it's bug? or because lack of player?
2. Order not refresh? Can u give us your char id? and when are this bug happens?
wish u can inform us more specifically

Thank you for your help dear
Have a nice day


Reply 25# TerraSlayer

Hi Dear~
for VIP Pts, we will give login vip pts every Monday starting from this week
Thank you for reminding btw
For invest silver on walls issue, can u sent us the screenshot please?

Thank You very much Dear


Reply 27# Ling

For wall bug, clicking on a wall from our own country, the Wall is empty, cannot invest in it:

Then, clicking on a wall not from our own country, there is remove button, but it is always grey out, can never use silver to remove wall:

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Let me explain the other bugs as well:

This first screenshot show that I have 122K silver and my vault is 220K max.

But this 2nd screenshot show the bug for collect silver. It is grey out with the message saying vault is full so can't collect.

Also if you notice, those top 2 screenshot, my order is 8. It's actually not 8 but 10. 8 was the order I had the last time I log out of game.

This last screenshot shows, after I refresh my mines, I now have 9 orders. So when I log in game, it doesn't refresh the orders from the last time until after I use 1. That is the order bug.

Last one is degrade bug as shown. When click to degrade item, the button is grey and doesn't degrade. The item is not bound.

I forgot to add, the VIP points are decreasing by 30 points everyday. So next Monday, we will have 210 points less when we get our new 1k pack.
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Please fix the degrade button.... not worth it to keep buying bag slots

LordZa - Arthur - RondTbl legion