Reply 7# PangaBombi

    Your definitions of good work is as HIGH as your TRIPOD goes like the eiffel tower.

Like your nick suggests DUHZ-i-am-cutie / Bodoh

Real players would have this PROBLEM. Unless, you have been hacking the wheel for lvl 7,8,9 drops


Reply 9# Mars

    i do have the sentiment of loss of trust in the development of this function.
Would you agree there is an element of putting a 80% DISCOUNT of goods and realise actually the MEAT purchased is 90% discounted?

100 dollars per kilo of Bull's Discharge
Paid 80 dollars and got 100grms of Bull's discharge.


Reply 1# Brass

    Apart from this utter garbage event, any Superb VIP has trialed God Cao Cao?
Any BR / Comments to share?


S86 cant login


An interesting game is to present something very interesting.

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