Reply 11# sheila_small

same here...cant log...shows incorrect password


Reply 24# Ling

dear Ling,

please ask the development team to rectify the whole COTK server:-

(a) i can't log into certain account and kept saying incorrect password. and i'm not the only one who has the same's too troublesome for us to try luck every few minutes or hours to get back into certain account....

(b) the latest maintenance was a total botched up case. the race course, practice all got major bugs there where either way i click it will goes black screen....and it's very time consuming for us to relog all over again just to do these 2 dailies.

(c) please also fix the practice menu for mobile as it doesn't have "exchange" pride button and also to include your latest Mars Road for mobile.

(d) your server isn't stable at all.....i can't even stay in 1 acc for 3 minutes and kept getting the auto restart...u can't expect us to relog over and over again right?

(e) your server is too easy to be hacked by certain people whereby he/she hacked in to do the long health bar..and because of this also, the whole server was at a total lag n corrupting day by day.

(f) your recharge menu for mobile is not user friendly. please fix it just like the PC version whereby it is easy for us to change the HYP to gold. your current version is still in US dollar and not convenient at all.

i think it's time for u all to re-do the whole major maintenance...if u need 1 day to finish the maintenance, please go ahead, but please notify us 48 hours in advance so that we can prepare ourselves accordingly...and because we might gonna lose 1 day login, your management must compensate us accordingly and to be fair to all of us. lose 1 day login means lose all of our 1 day dailies..

please listen to us for this once and for's too much for us to bear the losses because of your own mistakes...u want us to recharge, please fix this all once and for all.



Reply 29# shuplayer

i think u consume the gold after 2pm today, right? today is the last day, standard consume before 2pm, bro....and spin til 5.59pm....