The Last closed beta of POM!

Following the second beta test that has been released before, today we are happy to announce the Last beta test of POM. We are sincerely invite you to experience “The Last beta testing of POM” that will be available at Apr.29th-May 8th.
In this newest version, we have fixed the bug from previous version and fixed our graphic as well.

IOS download link:
Google play download link: ...

Please put on your feedback down below:
Last but not least, if you enjoy our game, please give us a ratings & reviews guys!!  

Note: All the data will be wipes after the close beta ends. If players recharge between the trial, we’ll sent back the gold after Our first server officially released.

Hi Ling,

1) The Server Launch reward tab is gone off. It suppose to be for 8 days.... but this is less than that.

2) Clash of Rome map is so dfficult that none of us has passed even npc1

3) no VIP points or free gold given so we cannot even buy orders or increase builders or anything else. Makes the game unplayable

id: LordZa
country: Arthur


Yea that why so little ppl playing