Merlin New Server Event

Event 1. Accumulate Login Bonus for a weeks (7 days)
【Duration】2018 May 17th 09.00 – 2018 May 23rd 23.59 (GMT+8)
【How To Do】
Login at day 1 to get 20.000 silver.
Accumulation Login day 2 and get 1 Green Weapon and 10 Order.
Accumulation Login day 3 and get 1 Blue Armor and 50 Prestige.
Accumulation Login day 4 and get 1 Blue Weapon and 20,000 Honor.
Accumulation Login day 5 and get 1 Purple Cloak and 20 Order.
Accumulation Login day 6 and get 1 Purple Horse and 20 Order.
Accumulation Login day 7 and get 888 gold and 1 Red Horse piece.
【Please Note】
Player have to login every day to get all the rewards.

Event 2.First Recharge Event
【Duration】2018 May 17th 09.00 – 2018 May 23rd 23.59 (GMT+8)
【How To Do】The first recharge of 200 gold for a new character will be rewarded an extra 200 gold, Angel COA Level 2*1, and red horse piece*1 as a bonus. The reward pack will be sent immediately after the first recharge.
【Please note】
1. Make sure the first exchange is no less than 200 gold
2. Player can only participate at this event once/id.

Event 3. Accumulated Recharge and get reward
【Duration】2018 May 17th 09.00 – 2018 May 23rd 23.59 (GMT+8)
【How To Do】Accumulated recharge reaches to the amount below to get reward.

Event 4.Legion Gathering Event
【Duration】2018 May 17th 09.00 – 2018 May 23rd 23.59 (GMT+8)
【How To Do】Certain amount of player in one legion reach certain level will get reward!
Gathering A: 10 players reaching Lv40 in one legion will get 100 gold as reward.
Gathering B: 20 players reaching Lv40 in one legion will get 200 gold as reward.
Gathering C: 30 players reaching Lv40 in one legion will get 300 gold as reward.
Interested in this event?
If it is a YES, just reply us below:
1. Your Legion name, legion member list that have reach certain level and tell us which amount that your legion have reach. For example:
Char id: Merlin, Legion: Arthur, wanna participate at Gathering C event.
2. After the event ended, We will verify the winner and sent the award within 3 days after the event ended.
3. One player can only participate at one gathering event.

Event 5. Like POM Fanpage and invite your friends
【Duration】No limitation
【Server】All Server
Visit our website and our page, and invite 3 friends (@ 3 friends) on facebook, could have a chance to get 100 golds!
Post template:
1. Server: XX
2. Character name: XX
3. At 3 of your friends.
For example:
Hey, guys. I'm playing this game! Here we can fight and land grabs, etc. Come with me!@XX @YY @ZZ
Our facebook website:
after all done, dont forget to screenshot your template and write down your Merlin Char id below. We will sent the reward within 1 week!

Event 6. Rate & Review
【Duration】2018 May 17th 09.00 – 2018 May 23rd 23.59 (GMT+8)
For all good review in game, will be rewarded: 20 order+20,000 honor pack.
Player can sent us screenshot of your review below, tell us your char id, and we will sent the bonus
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super hero, prestige ranking reward down for days

lfb bug

lvl 60 base daily levy 3k silv x 12 36k silv
enhance lvl 50+ purple horse cost 80k silv abv