Important Notice Concerning Ways of Payment


To bemore convenient and protect dear players, we’ll improve the way of our gamepayment.


----we'llupdate the version for all Servers at11:00(GMT+8) July 3rd,2018 (Today),You should pay for the gold coins by PayPal after the update hasbeen released.

---HuaYuShop is still available, but the gold coins you buy might not transfer intoyour account in time sometimes. So we strongly recommend that you’d better pay by PayPal.

-- Still,you can redeem gold coins by the remaining Poin HY in the Huayu shop.

Weapologize for the inability to respond to your emails due to the adjustment ofCOTK. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to, we’ll get to you as soon as possible.

A Mandarin translator is wanted.

Pleasecontact us, if you have excellent oral and written communication skills inMandarin. We’ll prepare some special bonus in our game as rewards for you.

Have anice day all,


Reply 14# Acton

    Yes, you are welcome to speak Chinese.


Reply 15# Diablooo

    After refilling with Paypal, the gold coins arrive directly


Reply 2# Dangoh

    Other recharge methods in HY Shop can still be used.