Version Update


Weare going to re-update new version to all server at Tuesday (2018-8-21) at11:00 GMT+8.

Playercould not login at while update are in progress.

Androidand IOS mobile versions will not be updated in the short term. It isrecommended that you log in to the game through the Web. Please understand theinconvenience caused by this issue!

Ifyou encounter any problems or questions you can contact:

Thankyou, I wish you all a happy game!


1、President Voting SystemUpgrade

ⅰ.Cancel collection of free vote

ⅱ.You can only buy the votes with Recharge gold, free gold given inthe system cannot be used for this purpose

Note: The Criteria to run for President does not change.

2、Fusing Shield Equipment

Ability to fuse red and gold shield

ⅰ.Able to fuse when Red and Gold Shield is Level 220.

ⅱ.Materials needed for fusing the equipment, Ice Silk, Kylin Blood,Silkwood. Fire Pearl, Pheonix Feather depending on the requirements as statedin the game.

ⅲ.After fusing, the equipment level will drop to 170 and 150 for Redand Gold shield respectively.


3、Level increase

[1]. War Tactic

ⅰ.Increase Duel to Level 20

ⅱ.Increase Scroll To Level 20


ⅰ.Increase Gem Level to 15

ⅱ.Equip Echo Lv11 (1500Anima), Lv12 (2400Anima) Attributes

ⅲ.Hero Echo Lv11 (7600Anima), 12Lv(9600Anima),13Lv(13200Anima)Attributes

ⅴ.Form Echo Lv6 (43200Anima), Lv7(74600Anima),Lv8(85400Anima)Attributes

Ⅵ.Gem Inset Able to purchase Abs Atk and Abs Def Gem

[3] Flag System

ⅰ. Add Lv13 Sybthesize Stone, the rules are unchanged

ⅱ.Dragon Banner,Black Dragon Banner,Black Dragon Flag, Red DragonBanner, Red Dragon Flag, Iron Dragon Banner, Iron Dragon Flag,Cloud Banner,Cloud Flag,Fire Dragon Banner,Fire Dragon Flag, Steel Dragon Banner,SteelDragon Flag,Rosefinch Flag, Rosefinch Banner will all have their max level increase to Level 14.

ⅲ. Black Tiger Flag, Dark Tiger Flag, Green Tiger Flag, White TigerFlag, Red Tiger Flag, Virid Dragon Flag max level is12.


i.Tacticlevel increased to 200

ii.Skilllevel increased to 20


i.Increase White, Blue, Purple and Abs Page to Level 40.

ii.AllRed and Gold Pages will not have their pages maximum Level increased.


i.IncreaseStudy Level to 45

ii.New Skill activated when reach Study Level45

ⅲ.Study  Echo Level increase to45

4、Furnace Update

Willreduce the daily free chances to 10 with high chance to get Ice Silk, KylinBlood and Silkwood and small chance to get Fire Pearl, Sky Silk and DragonPearl.

5、Cross Server PVP West War

Cross ServerWest War Introduction

WestWar will start every Saturday 20:20-20:50 (GTM+8)

20:20-20:30is for registration; 20:30-20:50is event time.

Whenthe game commence, all players will be allocated to different country by thesystem accordingly.

RankingScore for gold consume and enemies killed and silver earned will be displayed.

Players canstay at their base or occupy opponent base. Occupying opponent base allow theplayers to collect more silver.

The moreplayers at a designated base will result in lesser silver collected.

You can onlyoccupy the opponent base when you defeat all players occupying it.

You can reduceyour CD when attacking opponent base.

You can drumto increase your attacking power

Inspect:Ableto see the players at all base. Consume 50gold, last for 30min

You will besend to base when you are defeated by your opponent.You will also receive oneof the order below;

Harass: causeopponent CD to increase by 10sec.

Rush:Move to any country occupied base.

Raid:Immediately attack any enemy occupied base.

Condition ofVictory for West War

ⅰ.Country with the most points

ⅱ.Country with most occupied base

ⅲ.Country which collected the most silver

Changesto West War Reward

Oldversion of West War (Spring Only) will be removed

6.Artifact Mall New Hero

Name:God Han Dang

Skill:Golden Volley

Skill:Skill- Golden Volley(All): Greatly Reduce Damage in1st 3 rounds, cause Level 6 Abs and TCA when full morale,reduce 50 morale of 1enemy hero, reduce 30 energy of 1 enemy hero

7、Map Upgrade

Lower Map Difficulty : Runan Done , Battle of XiaoTing

8、New Map and Hero

Name: God Xu Sheng

Skill: Heaven Wrath

Soldier type:Tiger Warrior

Skill: When Full Morale Cause Level 6 TCA (All) andsome Abs Att, all other time causes Level 6 Com Att (All) and some Abs Att

New Map:Fight Over Ruxu

Condition: Clear Battle of Xiaoting

Drop: God·Xu Sheng

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any new event?
special event for update?
rc or additional rc event and free gold pack maybe???


Reply 2# 5thbatch

everything will be fine
just wait


lol....they trying to make people RC CC oredi in tks to RC




Can introduce own self mass for the first time to clear maps. Nowadays less players and can’t clear certain maps . Can give New Version Login Reward For Celebration. Thanks.


Reply 1# Ling

    2 lousy TCA heroes?

What happens to god Ling Tong?


Reply 1# Ling

(1) bye bye STA
(2) mobile login NOT functioning. bar stopped at 79%..please fix it back! (Androidand IOS mobile versions will not be updated in the short term. It isrecommended that you log in to the game through the Web. Please understand theinconvenience caused by this issue!) <= dont give us excuses if u want business!


why the scroll method to increase so stupid....


cannot login via mobile.
please fix it asap