Mobile update notification

Dear Lord,
    After the efforts of the technicians, the current COTK Android and IOS mobile terminals have been completed, but due to problems reviewed by Apple, the ios will be delayed. If the progress goes well, the IOS player will be prompted to update before the weekend.

The following link is the download link for the new version of Android:
The domain name server is in China, and there may be a delay in downloading in overseas regions. Please understand that if there is any situation that cannot be downloaded, please leave your email address in the comment area, we will mail you apk.

If you have any good suggestions for the game, you can leave a message in the comments section to let us know.
Finally, I wish everyone a happy game.

Admin COTK

compensation pack lar, give us 8.888 gold!!!!


Reply 1# Ling

    what a dramatical error! tapped Mars Road, then tapped Race Course all goes black screen and when tapped Race Course then tapped Mars Road also goes black screen.



I am not able to login via handphone.
It shows wrong password

Please help


Reply 4# 791857881a7ef1e

HI Dear
It is recommended that you check the entered account and password for correctness.

Generally, such a situation is caused by an input error.


Reply 3# onceuponatime1

  HI Dear
After testing, we did not find the situation you described

Please clear your browser cache or replace it and try again.


when hy fix ios?


next event pls


Reply 6# Ling

Ling, this is related to mobile....still the Mars Road, the press Race Course all goes blank. please use your mobile to try then u will know what im talking about.



Faster fix for has been already too long!!!