Version Update

Dear All,

We are going to re-update new version toall server at Tuesday (2018-9-4) at 16:00 GMT+8.

Player could not login at while update arein progress.

Update Content:

1、New Update Login

【Duration】2018 Sep4th00:00—2018 Sep 10th 23:59(GMT+8)


【How To Do】Logineveryday to get the pack below (total 7day)


Fix the recharge interface does not displaythe recharge package

It is recommended to use PayPal to recharge

3、New map

New Map: Barbarian Snatch

Condition: Clear Royal Family

Drop: Treasure

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no more free gold?


Reply 2# 5thbatch

  There is no free gold gift.


Reply 3# Ling

    no more free souls?


After the last update, the treasure reward is very lousy.
It used to have good lvl gems, now almost all gems are lvl1.

Can change back to old reward for treasure? Else getting no more need to even clear orders.

For ww, pls compensate all players back with the gold lost from the bug in the ww.


Reply 5# Ant

    Lousy update gold back to 88 gold for index? what you playing ?

lousy shit maintainece is SHIT

paypal to RC? You MAD?


Game is getting very expensive to play .... Need to RC.   That is what HY is counting on.....


Index Wheel rewards has changed in addition to the cost.... Why update in the middle of the event ?


Reply 7# hery

    too expensive and less and less fun... not many player, boring


agreed. fuck off, index wheel become 88 gold/point.
gold consume get gem abs and abs attack flag become daily consume.
in forum hy said accumulation consume same with accumulation consume get gold book piece.

very upset and no mood to play or rc