Version Update

Dear All,

        We aregoing to re-update new version toall server at Tuesday (2018-11-22) at 17:00   

Player could not login at while update areinprogress.

1、Alliance BUFF

OriginalAlly BUFF

i.【City Ally】: Buff ALL Att and Def by 20%

New Ally Buff

i.【Loyal Ally】: Buff All Att and Def by 50%

ii.【All forOne】: Buff All Att and Def by 100%

【Tips】The above buff effectis on COM, STA, TCA, Abs Att and Com Def, STD, TCD, Abs Def

Condition for ally effects upon upgrade

i.City Ally: after 1st year alliance

ii.Loyal Ally: after 2nd year alliance

ⅲ. All for One: after 3rd year alliance)

2、Heavy shield

As you can see from the picture above the attributeof the item will be enhance greatly after the upgrade.

3、West War upgrade

Freefunction will be rectified accordingly

4、New Hero

i. Name: Zhen Ji·God

ii. Skill:Alluring

ⅲ. Skill:Attall enemy 2 times in 1st round causing Level 7 and 6 Sta damage,with a chance of a 3rd hit with Level 5 Abs Att with mix Sta

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last Ling Log in 2019-9-19 14:51

no CS on this game?


Closing shops...

Bye bye COTK...

Doyans or Tolol


fellow gamers,

the owner of renren since 2018 is this company

Beijing Infinities Interactive Media Co., Ltd

they are the company causing us the screwups and foul ups

those in china please kindly CONTACT them and ask them to WAKE UP and do proper maintenance and customer service!!!!


Reply 40# ValentinePJ

    Wow, S22 only Hadiamin can play


Can do nothing bro. Only S86 still online all the rest already dead.


Reply 34# valentine
How do you do that ?


HY encouraging you all to quit.....hehehe....