Reply 20# PangaLessi

Hate to break it to ya but S22 was down twice since the end of December and no compensation was ever provided.


Reply 21# Mia

i think the management asking us to quit........until as of today, s86 is still down


So s22 managed to get back to their game? HY restart s22 server?


Reply 23# shaunc

my guess..some technical problems occured at s86, and no one amongst the remaining staff at HY is skilled enough to fix the problem..

hope my guess is wrong..


Reply 24# Cf [/b

yes...the tech/developer is unskilled to kill this problem as they want to merge s86 and s22 to other servers. Thats why asking the compensation for this problem and  mergers.....

on the other hand, HY simply missed the keys of todays games....crossplay and battle royales...they could easily change the transport mode or westwar mode to be exactly like battle royales and crossplay with consoles but the developers are too interest = no RC = no income = closing shops....


Reply 23# shaunc

If I recall correctly, it was down for a few days around New Year's and then again some time at/around CNY. Both times, no notice or compensation. Eventually, the server went back live.


Hello everybody.

We Japanese players have been enjyoing the same game in Japanese version.
The version name is 乱世キング in Japanese.

<Japanese Version>

We Japanese players also suddenly could not log in s1 server three days ago, like TKS s86 server.

I guess that Japanese s1 server is maybe using the same platform as TKS S86, because we cannnot log in the japanese server(s1) at the same time as TKS s86 server.

We are also posting comments on our Japanese community sites, and sending Emails to about this problem, but we don't have a single reply from this company.

<japanese CommunitySites> ... page%3D1&page=3

We have the same sadness and anger to this game as TKS players, because we have same problem.

Dear Administrator of this game.

Please fix this problem, and reply our comments.
Do you hear me?

We are very sad and angry.
We love this game and friends of this game.
We are playing this game for 7 years.

Dear Administrator.
If you can put the question, ‘Am I or am I not responsible for my acts?’ then you are responsible.

- Fyodor Dostoyevsky

sorry my poor English.


Hi all bro, s86 can log in now


Reply 28# shaunc

Japanese Server  will be next!


yaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy finally