Game Intro

The first Time-travel SLG&RPG Game
Genre: 2D MMORPG&SLG Web Game
Qin Shihuang got an ancient treasure, and he twisted time and space and brought the historical heroes into the era of Three Kingdoms in order to collect their souls. Also the player will be brought into that world too, with a mission to help those heroes fight against the Demon Qin Shihuang.
In the game, the player will experience the stories of the Three Kingdoms and fight together with the historical heroes. Also the player can develop his own force and claim lord.
The game Time-travel Heroes has addictive game-plays and nicely-designed systems. The player can develop his heroes while appreciating the attractive plots, choose and deploy heroes, and enhance equipment as well as skills!
No matter you are a professional player or not, you can find your own pleasure. You can accumulate Exp by training, get equipment by passing required stages, and progress fast by becoming a VIP player! Besides, you will enjoy the systems like Destiny, Formations, Biographies, etc. All in all, the game is so creative and original; you don’t want to try now?
The new player can get familiar to the game plays easily by referring to the user-friendly tutorial. So much fun is waiting for you here, you will see!