Claim the lord with sword.
Skill: Melee ATK by sword. High EVA and agility.
Comment: Good at Melee ATK with sword, able to cause a great damage in a short time. High EVA and agility as major force in the battlefield. Has a good performance in all situations.


Conquer the world with spear.
Skill: Parry ATK by spear. High DEF.
Comment: With high DEF, ATK, Parry and spear as weapon, the Spearmen are the backbone of the army. Spearmen’s HP is only second to Hercules. They can protect well the Archers and Strategists behind.

Defeat the enemy with archer.
Skill: Ranged ATK by crossbow. High Hit.
Comment: With high Hit and crossbow as weapon, the archers are good at ranged ATK. Special skill is Prick.

Strategist (Needed to be recruited)
Comment: The strategists include the immortals and the advisors, with feather fan, book, or instrument as weapon. They can hit the enemy by wisdom. They are good at attack the enemy and reduce the enemy’s magic DEF. But they are low in HP, so you have to restore HP on time for them.

Hercules (Needed to be recruited)
Comment: The Hercules have the highest HP among all professions. They can defend all kinds of damage caused by the enemy. With Hercules in the front, other heroes at the back can perform well. Though they can cause low ATK, they have a high Counterattack.