Basic Operations

1.        Log in

Firstly register on the official website and log in the game by entering the account and the password. Then click Login to open the official register interface.

2.        Create a character
After logging in, if you already created a character, you can enter the game directly; otherwise, you have to create a character firstly.

Choose a profession, a gender and an image.
Enter the name you design for the character, or use the name provided by the system.
Click “Start” to enter the game.

3.        Basic Operations:

You can play the game by using the mouse totally—left click to confirm the info. So it is easy to operate.
Basic rules:

a)        Switch Maps
In the main interface, press World in the upper right corner by clicking the left button of the mouse to switch world maps. Click one city to enter to switch maps.

b). Chat:

You can activate the function of chatting by clicking the content part in the chat box in the lower left corner of the map. You can chat by writing down msg and clicking Send or pressing Enter on your keyboard.
If you press the left button on the left side of the input box, you will be able to switch the channels. The msg you sent will be only shown in the corresponding channel.

4.        Stage Operation:

Firstly go to the panel of stages by clicking “Battlefield”. Choose a stage to enter by clicking the current base. Then press Start to start the battle. After the battle finishes, you can go back to the panel of stages.

5.        Buy in Shop

Enter “Shop” in the City map, and then choose “Item Trader” or “Equipment Trader”. After an interface pops up, click “Drug Store” or “Smithy” and enter the shop.
Choose an item and click Buy or double click the mouse to buy.

6.        Heroes and Equipment

Click the avatar of the character on the upper left corner in the main interface or click the button of Hero in the main interface to enter the interface of hero and equipment.

Attribute Panel: After the Subattributes function is unlocked, left click a hero in the panel of Hero.
Remove Equipment: Long press the left button of the mouse to drag the equipment of the hero to Bag and release the mouse, or double click the equipment to remove the equipment.
Wear Equipment: Long press the left button of the mouse to drag the equipment to the equipment slot and release, or double click the equipment to wear.

7.        Enhance

Click Enhance in the main interface.
Enhance equipment: Choose an equipment to enhance by clicking “Enhance”, 100% success rate with copper to be cost.

8.        Forge

9.        Formation

The numbers on the avatars of the heroes in the formation mean their sequences of strikes.
You can deploy the heroes by dragging the avatar of the hero on the left to the formation in the center.
Once the formation is changed, the new formation will be effective after you press “Use”.
Click Upgrade to upgrade the current formation instantly.
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