Players can click  to enter Faction.

1.        Create a faction: After reaching the required level, the players can consume some copper to create a faction and invite other players to join. The creator of the faction has the right to transfer the faction, dismiss the faction, issue the notice, etc.
2.        Join a faction: After reaching the required level, the players can join the factions created by other players.
3.        Faction Level: All the reputation gained by the faction members will be transferred to the Exp for upgrading the faction. As the faction upgrades, the faction members will be accessible to the events and the welfare provided by the faction.
4.        Transfer the Faction: The President of the faction can only transfer the faction to the Vice President. After transferring successfully, the former president will become a common faction member while the former Vice President will have all the rights of President.
5.        Impeach the President: If the president is offline for 7 days, the Vice President will be able to impeach the President by clicking the button of Impeach in the interface of Faction. After impeaching, the former Vice President who starts the impeachment will become President.

Players can enter the interface of Sacrifice by clicking the button of Events in the main interface.

1.        Each player can offer incense once a day.
2.        By offering the incense, the player can offer Exp for the god. Once the god upgrades, the more luck will increase from copper bliss, but the times of copper bliss won’t increase.
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