Cross River

Cross River will be unlocked after you reach lv 35, with 3 chances to get rewards for crossing river every day by choosing the ships you like. Different ships different rewards! If you are lucky enough to get the Dragon Boat, you can get thousands of copper and 800 reputation!

After you choose the ship, you can start crossing river. During the course, you have to protect your ship to reach the other side of the bank safely from being attacked by other players.

Once you deterring other players successfully, you will get the rewards by deterring others.

    Also, in order to make sure each player can get reward, there will be limited times for deterring and being deterred. Besides, you can choose either to invite friends to protect you to cross the river or seek an assistant to enhance capacity. Or to be 100% successful, you can reduce the time to cross river by half or finish crossing river at one.
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