[Event] Jade coin and Relic

【Duration】2013 Mar 16th 00:00—2013 Mar 21th23:59(GMT+8)
【Details】During the event, players consume gold reach to the blank in a single day, will get the relevant reward.

Reward for S1-S41

Consume Gold AmountReward
1000-4999 gold80000 honor20
5000-9999 gold200000 honor40
10000-29999 gold450000 honor70
over 30000gold800000 honor150

Reward for S42-S53

Consume Gold AmountReward
 honorjade coin
1000-4999 gold80000 honor80
5000-9999 gold200000 honor200
10000-29999 gold450000 honor400
over 30000gold800000 honor700

【How to do it】
1. WEB users can receive the reward in the package interface.
2. IOS users can receive it from Package interface.
3. The reward will be sent in the next day 00:00.
【please note】
1. During the event, player consume gold in a single day reaches the class, will can get corresponding reward. The activity will be recalculated the next day.
2. The time of calculate from 00:00-23:59:59 everyday.
3. The reward is sent based on the highest number of your daily consumption gold amount, no accumulating.
For example: If player Huayu consumes 27000gold in mar 17th, he will get the relevant reward of 10000-29999 level.

Jade coin will display in your 8 formation interface, when you base level up to 81.
Introduction of 8 formation
Relic will display in your study interface, study will open when you base level up to 121.
Introduction of study system:

what is relic?


what is relic?
rk79 Post at 15/3/2013 20:35

http://en.huayugame.com/bbs/view ... &extra=page%3D1


i'm lvl 115 now
if i consume gold, can i keep the relic?


Reply 4# rmyyh

    y, when you base level up tp 121, you will see the study interface, and the number of your relic


i recharge 1040 gold, but not received for event reward?????