Game background

It’s said that 100 years ago, Sunny Citywas a waste land covered by rubbish, starvation, plague, and horror. Suddenlyone day a luxurious ship arrived, which turned out to be a savior of SunnyCity.
The owner of the ship came from a noblefamily. This person brought food and rebuilt the city by the rich resourcesunderground. After a development of some time, Sunny City now has become a cityof chances and favored by celebs.

As time passed by, the savior of Sunny Cityturned older and older. To keep the vitality of the industries in Sunny City, he decided to open the city to attract theoutside business elites.
As the city became more and moreprosperous, more and more businessmen came to create their own legends.

Aboutthe World
Every day there will be new arrivals toSunny City with business dreams. They made this place more and more valuable.
It’s a place of chance and uncertainty.Some people made a successful business, while some declined gradually. However,nothing can stop the business passion of them.

Sunny City is a place of hope and chance,even if some business will decline. Without trying, you will never know whatyour future will be. Our story will start from here.