Equipment system

Equipment Types:
6 types: Necklace, Watch, Ring, Coat, Belt,and Shoes.
Weapons: Watch
DEF Devices: Coat, Belt, Shoes.
Accessories: Necklace, Ring

Equipment Quality
5 Qualities: White, Green, Blue, Purple,and Yellow. Among them, the white are of the lowest quality, the yellow are ofthe best quality. For example, for the weapons of the same level, the force ofthe purple weapon is twice as that of the green one.
White: Common, low attribute.
Green: Good, higher attribute than theWhite.
Blue: Excellent, higher attribute than theGreen.
Purple: Outstanding, higher attribute thanthe Blue.
Yellow: Extraordinary, higher attributethan the Purple.

Blueprint (BP)
You can get BP by many means. BP is used tomake equipment.

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