To defeat enemies, it’s necessary to arrange tactics!

Click the button of Tactics on the bottom of the interface to enter the interface of Tactics.

Different tactics, different effects!
There are altogether 8 kinds of tactics: Rapidity, Outflank, Dodge, Sophism, Break, Retort, Arbitration, and Confidence.
【Rapidity】 Raises Common ATK to secretaries.
【Outflank】 Raises DEF to secretaries.
【Dodge】 Raises EVA rate to secretaries.
【Retort】 Raises Hit rate to secretaries.
【Arbitration】 Raises CRT rate to secretaries.
【Break】 Raises Parry rate to secretaries.
【Confidence】 Raises HP to secretaries.
Each tactic can be upgraded by costing Practice, with Lv10 as max lv. With higher lv of the tactics, you can enhance secretaries’ attributes and have more secretaries in formation.
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