Battle System

Battle System:

Prerequisites to Open the Battle System:

1. When the Base reaches Lv 21, the Battle System will open. The higher level the Base has, the higher level the Battle System will be.

2. Players meet the stage qualifications demanded by the battle.

Battle Levels:
3 levels in the system: Easy, Hard, Heroic (To pass the heroic level, players need to be of a higher level)

The higher the battle level is, the better rewards you will get.

Challenge Modes:

There are 5 modes (with extra restrictions) to choose for challenging.

Different challenge modes will bring different battle rules.

Different rewards will be provided according to the mode chosen.

The 5 modes are: Speed, Night Raid, Outflanking, Wittiness, Struggle

Other Key Points:

There is an upper limit on the amount of players in every battle (1, 2, 4, etc.)

Honor will be consumed in every battle.

Forces will not be consumed in every battle.


After passing a battle, players can choose one from the five gift-packages as a reward. The package contains silver, honor, prestige, Synthesis Stones and Flags.

The Flag System:

The way to get flags: After passing the battles, players have some chances to get flags.

flags: Flags can help players enhance their troop attributes.

Synthesizing Flags:

Many flags of the same kind can be synthesized as a new flag of higher level. The higher level of the flag has, the more powerful the flag will be.

Synthesis Stones are needed to synthesizing flags. The level of Synthesis Stones will decide the level of the synthesized flags.

It is more possible to synthesize flags to use lots of Synthesis Stones at a time.

Synthesis Stones will be consumed to synthesize flags of a higher level.

The failure to synthesize flags will only lead to the loss of Synthesis Stones but not the loss of flags.

Synthesis Stones:

The way to get Synthesis Stones: After passing the battles, players have some chances to get Synthesis Stones.
Synthesis Stones: to synthesize flags of a higher level

Individual Battle Strategies:

Individual Battle 2: Out of Danger

Individual Battle 3: Save Books
Individual Battle 4: Juyong War

Individual Battle 5: Guerrilla War

Individual Battle 6: Justice War

Individual Battle 7: 8 Generals